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Title: Impressions
Fandom: DP, still not owned by me
Rating: G
Warnings: None

I haven't written this in far too long )

So, it was short. At least the bunny bit. If you don't know who they are talking about, you have clearly not been paying attention.
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The family tree of the Norse gods is far too large to fit on one piece of paper. This presents difficulties where Baldr/Loki is concerned, because deciding who is related to them and how is very difficult without a tree to look at. Odin, for example, seems to have had at least six wives (or love affairs, I can't tell which) and although this is better than Zeus, it's still hard to map. I may have to draw it in 3D to get an accurate picture.

In related news, a bunny who has named herself Ymira has taken up residence in my head. Because I didn't have enough bunnies already, obviously -_-.

Also, can someone direct me to a com where I can ask slightly awkward questions about a. kink!sex, b. rape, and c. the psychological effects of kink!rape on the rapee? Because Pendulum wants writing, and I'm shy of asking the BDSM people on my F-list.

Last, a teaser and request.

Title: Wail
Fandom: DP, (C) not me, ie, I don't get money stop asking
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language

I Need a Choreographer )

I'm serious. I need someone who knows how to write huge epic battle scenes where the weapons talk back and none of the combatants are just human. Because I'm having huge trouble with this fight. That or lacha. This is all DaHTA anyway, and Lancer is still being a whole bloody acacia about the whole thing. RPage may help.


Jun. 25th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Yesterday was Sunday. I went shopping. I still felt like a Whale, but the purchasing is done. Total clothing cost about $200, which is pretty much what I expected. That leaves me with less money than I'd like, but I'll have more again after my first paycheck. Not lots more; car loan and gas get taken out, and then my parents take half of it. But more.

Today, I got up godawful early and went to Milford, which is Pretty, and learned more about what I will be doing this term. Yes, I will be watching breaks rust, but at vastly accelerated rates. I'll also be checking paint coverage and driving cars through salt baths and working with high-power microscopes. My boss seems nice. :)

And now the stuff you rlly want:

Title: Accord
Fandom: This is DaHTA. No I don't make money. Stop asking.
Rating: G
Warnings: Dan is wildly OOC. HE doesn't swear at all.

Does having only the story cut work better? )

Yeah. Lancer Does Not Like Here Tanarill. I think it's because they're too much alike.
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Which worked. Custome user groups FTW.

Witches Are Like Cats )

And also, I should do homeworks and finals but I am not going to tonight :P

Week after next, RL meetings may take place with Rags. Rags, where are you?
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I Need an Icon for Doing Homework. That is all.

I notice that only two people responded to my question yesterday, which makes me Sad.

Also, my curtains smell like green tea. I have the urge to fill the room with bamboo.

Here is DaHTA )

Which just goes to show, sometimes you need an entirely new viewpoint if you hope to solve the problem. And Dan is nothing if not unconventional. Eska is still going to beat him upside the head, though. To be fair, it's his own bloody fault.
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Today is the forty-second day of the Omer, which is six weeks into the Omer.

Also, I wrote lots of stuff yesterday. And will probably write even more stuff today.

Here's an Example )

You may have picked up on an important facet of Eska's relationship with Heres Tanarill. Kudos if you did.

Soonish, Eska had got to sucker punch Dan, kick him while he's down for a bit, and then rifle through his wallet for spare change. Metaphorically speaking, of course. And then go off on a "Shopping for Mages" spree. Because she's k'Shitame and sheva'Shen, and knows the value of good mages in a fight. Oh Lan-cer . . . >:3

In other news, I would very much appreciate it if I could talk to you, Nai.

I love you, Emmy <3
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Today is still the fortieth day of the Omer, because it isn't dark yet.

I spent the day going, "Ouch, ouch, ouch" every few seconds as the sunburn really set in. Then I went and bought some aloe cream, and the ouchies vanished just like that :3

Also, I finished with my hugeass writing final, despite the fact that the actual final isn't for another three weeks. But I chose the earliest possible day (out of a hat, I'm not that crazy) and so I present tomorrow.

It's All One Name )

Next up in DaHTA, timeline-wise: some serious exposition. But we have Dan, so at least it won't be boring.

I may explain about k'Shitame (pronounced She-tah-may) names when I have Eska explain to Dan about the Shitame in general. Rest assured, it's not just an absurdly long name for a piece of steel.
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. . . that it is Erev Lag B'Omer.

Today is the thirty-first day of the Omer, which is four weeks and three days into the Omer.

More on Jewish Accountancy )

Right, that's out of the way.

It Feels Good to be Writing Again )

In general: remind me to do my homework, and make sure I get to bed by 1 AM. Please?
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Today is the thirtieth day of the Omer, which is four weeks and two days into the Omer.

Trite But True )

Also, I need you people to remind me to do my HW. Please?
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Ph as in physics, e as in women, ti as in locomotion.

[/back-to-front logic]

I have an embarrassing question to ask Lacha, which means that I'll ask it in chat and we'll all have a good laugh over the TMI.

Today is the twenty-fourth day of the Omer, which is three weeks and three days into the Omer.

I'm not sure. I need to get my brain in gear and get rid of this cold. Therefore, if I am up past midnight, yell at me for it!

Timelining's a Bitch )
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Also, I need more time.

Anyone Remember Her? )

My bunnies want me to read Crowley/Aziraphale porn. While I don't object, as such it's distracting.

Today is the twentieth day of the Omer, which is two weeks and six days into the Omer.
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It is the coolest laser pen ever. It points in patterns.

Cut for Language )

And Some FS, Because )

I am convinced that is how it would happen. At some point, they will have a jam session but for people who play classical instruments, and Dan will tackle FS and leave Rill to have a discussion with CW about the forms of music that are common or unique to worlds. And CW will introduce her to jazz. Later, she'll learn to play the sax.

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There Is No UST Only Because He Has No Body )

That happened pretty much right after Getting to Know You. Dan doesn't yet know that Rill has Issues with the demon in her heart, and he's not really paying any attention in any case. But Pas, because she's Pas, is. She also noticed the other thing that Rill just let slip, which is important later on.

No, I will not tell!
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Heres Tanarill is still freaking out. This is what she does in those long hours of the night when her simulacra doesn't actually need to sleep and no one else is awake.

Grappa )
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Quick posting of a DaHTA piece because I haven't posted in too long.

More Than Armistice )

And after this, since bas shit alays happens when she goes precognizant, Heres Tanarill goes and finds Clockwork's ballroom.

Tomorrow I will probably try to explain more about simulacra, since Lacha helped me work out the only really significant kink I found. TTFN!
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Right, so, I've been dicking around with Dan and Heres Tanarill's relationship for long enough now. It's time for this plot to start moving a bit. Although there is a backlog of written things to provide me with a comfortable cushion, if need be. Time is not linear.

Watch Carefully, Now )

The important thing to remember here is that she's either on the job or traveling to her next one. Walkers don't get vacations unless they're dead and working on incarnating.

This took place only a few months in. No, she hasn't been male yet.
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But today sucks. The suede is, after all, in Arizono.

I wanna RP instead. And I've decided that this is a conversation that really does need to be RP'd for it to be the rigt one. Therefore, if Emmy will oblige:

Here's the Setup )

Dan's turn to ask a Question!
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I have two weeks, more or less, to the end of co-op. In that time, I have to finish a major benchmarking study, get a whole lot of graphs into a form that TIPPs can read, clean out a hard drive, clean out my desk, and find out what happened to the suede.

It's probably in Arizona.

Anyway. Heres Tanarill does not have a middle name. That is all.

The Second Written Thing that Hit Me Yesterday )

Which is not the answer you'd expect from a demon, really, but that's because most demons you're likely to encounter are not Dives. Although he doesn't get upset when Heres Tanarill is unfaithful, because she never made any promises and besides, she needs to get laid more often, in his opinion. (Eska agrees.) He may or may not ask Dan to screw her again; it depends on if he can totally switch the body into a male before she gets back. He loves her, but that doesn't mean he won't get her angry if he feels it's something she needs.

I <3 my internet girlfriend.
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M!Heres Tanarill is now canon, because of no less than three things my brain presented me with today. One is how the story works now that Rill was male for a few weeks. Two of them were written things. This is the first.

While Dan and CW are Having Hot Make-Up Sex )

Yes, actually, that is what Heres Tanarill sits and does as soon as she's over the post-coital whenever she enjoys sex. Especially if she enjoys sex with someone in a relationship, although she wouldn't have had sex in the first place if she actually thought her partner's partner would mind. That was mostly to showcase her insane, and also the demon in her heart. Thoughts?

Because I Am A Tease )

Go ahead, C&C. I adore C&C.