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Rags, I finished!

Fandom: ASRP, kindof, which puts in the realm of Hartman at Nickelodeon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity

Uptight Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It )

Bonus points, for anyone who isn't Rags, if you can tell me what song he's singing at the end.
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Thus, ficcage.

Title: Steampunk'd
Fandom: Danny Phantom, and the ASRP. Kindof. But the Averies belong to me.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A small amount of language

Vlad Masters, Meet Sam Averies )

Next one will involve singing!Vlad. Because he'd have to be totally smashed before even considering it.


Feb. 25th, 2009 08:57 pm
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So the Boy and I went to see Coraline. And, without spoiling it, it is highly recommended.

I have bee published again. Click here to read it. Be warned, it's entirely irreverent and has lots of graphic smexxing.

Finally, my sad awful pitiful attempt to draw a Vlad. This is what happens when Tressla uses magic to put big, shiny, blue bows that do not come off on Vlad's head.

Vlad is Not Amused )

Yeah, I know, black wings. Considering I never draw, I think it came out well.
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So I understand that today is Mardi Gras. I never have had a paczki, because traditionally they are fried in lard, and the really good ones still are. Then tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, followed by Lent. I find it interesting that Lent is pretty much the same length as the Omer, but is a period that seems to celebrate the complete opposite of the very happy 'yay harvest time' of the Omer in Judaism.

But I did write this.

Title: Stars and . . .
Fandom: DP and ASRP, kind of. I still don't own Danny Phantom.
Rating: G
Warnings: These are RP characters, so it is entirely likely that only me and Rags will get this. But the basic background is that this Vlad is a vampire, has wings, and married Tressla. Tress is, of course, still insane and overpowered, but she's recently spent two or three hundred years asleep, and has a lot of catching up to do.

So sweet it makes your teeth hurt )

So, yeah. Happy domestic moment. Because they have to happen sometimes, amIrite?

Later, Vlad changes his ghost hairstyle, because Tressla prods him to get rid of the points until he does. When he does, she promptly puts a Large Blue Bow on his head.

And also, a convo in my brain that needed writing.

RP Style )


Jul. 18th, 2008 10:31 pm
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So, work officially sucks. And it's not going to take me anything like three months to do this research and report. I'm giving it more like three weeks. Research is boringgggg!

On the other hand, I want lacha to know that they need lab monkeys for synthetic fuel research.

After work, I went to chill with my boyfriend. Yay Boy! We don't get to see each other enough, and he's going to Budapest at the end of August. Budapest. In Hungary. This makes me Sad.

And that is all for right now. So! Prompts. Either a character or a pairing, and an adjective. Only one per person, please. Here we go!
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So, this was a Weekend. I suppose it as restful, in its own way. I have taken the effort to make my family act like a family, and apparently this means acting like a mod for them.

I'm serious.

They respond to me taking charge and saying: talk about this! And then they do. It's amazing. We have who is doing what all planned out for this week. Remind me to do it again next week . . . I like this unambiguity.


Dad is now the owner of a car that was a cop car. It has bullet holes in the hood. I think half the reason he got it was so that he could make bad Blues Brothers jokes. The other half is so that when he is ready, he can strip it for parts for his Packard. The Packard, currently named Bath, is Dad's hobby car.

On Wednesday, I must bid adieu to Abby-the-Jeep. Which means the maps etc and shit must be removed. Abby will be replaced with a PT cruiser. I can't help but feel I get the worst of this deal. On the other hand, the PT will be $275/mo. for car and insurance. This is the reason why I drive a car that is not produced by Gigantic Car Company for which I work.

This is dedicated to the ASRP:

Title: Louder for Their Absence
Fandom: DP, (C) the Bitch. And no, I got no monies for this
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Beware teh Ghey! Also, mentions of cannon pairing.

the words you never say )

I think I will try to write at least some Thing every day. It may be an old work, or a new work. I may post it or not. But the effort will have been made.
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Just Shoot Me Now )

Emmy, that pairing squicks me and I still wrote it. Because your Muse Hat (TM) spawned this bunny . . . you are converting me! <3
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[livejournal.com profile] ragtime_wurm put me up to this, and it mutated. Like an animal exposed to something radioactive.

Thirteen Frikkin' Pages, Yo! )

Rags, I love you, but I'm not doing anything like this again for a while even for those awesome works of goodness that you call icons. Although feel free to make requests. Just for slightly shorter things.
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M!Heres Tanarill is now canon, because of no less than three things my brain presented me with today. One is how the story works now that Rill was male for a few weeks. Two of them were written things. This is the first.

While Dan and CW are Having Hot Make-Up Sex )

Yes, actually, that is what Heres Tanarill sits and does as soon as she's over the post-coital whenever she enjoys sex. Especially if she enjoys sex with someone in a relationship, although she wouldn't have had sex in the first place if she actually thought her partner's partner would mind. That was mostly to showcase her insane, and also the demon in her heart. Thoughts?

Because I Am A Tease )

Go ahead, C&C. I adore C&C.
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Number seventeen is melting. I need sixteen other ways to disassemble a crowbar. This is for a project I am working on, and I need to get each of seventeen different ways from a different person. I took the easy one :P Now I need all the rest!

One Prompt a Day, So As to Conserve Them )

Also, in Borders today I thought of a fun new way of prompting. It works like this: you give me a sentence or a line. It has to be something weird and off the wall, something that does not work outside of context. Like, for example, "Making blue jeans out of candyfloss." But, and this is important, you do not give me the context. And then I write a thing. Afterwords, we compare how close the two contexts were.

No, you don't have to do it now. But as and when odd one-liners occur to you, give them to me ^_^

[Goes off to work on Jazz meets Lupae TTW]
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Because my brother managed to get all Bs and higher this semester.

I spent the day doing color tests of little pieces of plastic. But it wasn't filing.

Thing today are:

[livejournal.com profile] falsechaos wanted to know what ectoacne is. Given my framework from Halfas and Ectoplasm, I am prepared to give an answer.

Clicky for Uncertainty )

My Drabbles are Too Long; They're More Like Ficlets )

I should go to sleep, really I should.
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I wanted to. Oh well.

Anyone on the AS RP Who Has Not Requested One of These Will Be . . . )

The internet? Needs to stop randomly kicking me off. That is all.
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Today, I joined the Amity Slash RP as Tucker. It is fun. I have no time, and going to spend all of it doing this.

So, yeah.

Today's Prompts )

The point that I am making is that more people than just Emmy and Kimu need to prompt me. Not that I don't like you two, but more people need to be vocal about what they like. This is my point. [Pokes] Y'hear that, people! These are free prompts open to everybody! Use this fact like a thing meant to be used!
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Except for most of it. But there was a BDay party today, which was worth a good hour and half of schmoozing, eating scones that other people had paid for, (not being allowed to have the Punch,) and not working. Also, I finished filing the Box of Things Older Than I Am, and have now moved on to the Box of Things Younger Than Me but Older Than My Brother.

All in all, a very laid-back, easy Friday.

Then I came home and fell asleep. I woke up like a dutiful girl for candlelighting, and again for dinner, and then I went *zonk.* And then I got up and did dishes.

Prompt of Today )

And . . . I have nothing else for you today. I need to make Tucker app. Anyway, I can't write these if I get no prompts. They are open to everyone. I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] admantius_art.
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. . . is the title of one of Manna's thirty-five amazing stories set in her dark future distopia, The Administration. Three of them are full-length novels; three of them are novellas; and all the rest are oneshots. There is graphic yaoi sex; there is a plot. I found it one fine summer day, and doing nothing else but waking up, reaing, eating, and sleeping, it took me two straight weeks to get all the way through. I recommend you plan for some time before you start reading this, because it deserves your full attention and once it's got your teeth into you, it will not let go.

Whee! Thursdays are for pimpin'.

Also, because drabbles are fun:

Things I Wrote )

When I said one prompt at a time, I meant one per person at a time, not one at a time period. I need to have things to think about while filing color approvals. Ugh.
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This is to say, there are five fourteen-year-old boys camped out in my family room. Right now, they are watching Spaceballs (aside: all hail Mel Brooks!) They do this on a regular basis, and it's called Monthly Movie Night. The goal, as far as I can tell, is to stay up till five in the morning watching movies.

What I did today:

Got up, went to shul. Hid out in the bridal room, and slept through most of services.

Socialized during kiddush, and was invited to lunch several times by friends who work on the same campus as me. W00t for free food!

Came home, played around online, wrote [livejournal.com profile] scribe_protra's prompt.

Went to sleep again.

Got up, found out that Crack had updated. Read, loved, commented.

Had an attack of Thicker Than Water bunnies, and got another scene out before they went back to the Hutch. BTW, the official title for the Jazz/Al is is now Thicker Than Water. And the title of part one is Encounter, because I've decided that Meetings has got to be the title of the "Jazz gets attacked by meets Lupae" chapter.

Realized that there was a lot of noise coming from the family room, and went to see what was up. Discovered five teenaged boys.

Watched some Spaceballs.

And I only got two prompts last time, so I'm saying it again. Give me prompts, people. More than one a person is fine, provided I know the fandoms. I'm thinking this is open until such time as I am satisfied with my prompt-writing ability.

Almost-finally, does anyone know a site for the technical bits of smut writing? I've read it but can't write it; I'm too detail-oriented, and need to know which details can be safely ignored, and be satisfied with what I wrote, before I post anything.

. . . And does anybody have some alfalfa?


Jan. 26th, 2007 10:51 pm
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So, the Denizens of the Hutch are going through a mating season, or something. The story thus far:

I had an idea which can best be expressed by the phrase "Danny-as-Rapunzel."

Then, when I tried to write it, Vlad suddenly became the witch. A little later, Danny became his apprentice. There was sixty-foot-long hair, but it was the result of a magical accident and Danny had it for all of six hours.

And then the original ficbunny came back, with a vengeance. I now have two separate stories, which I am calling "Knight-Vlad" and "Witch-Vlad." Witch-Vlad is not done. Knight-Vlad is a drabble, possibly one of many. But to do any more in character in either verse, I needs alfalfa!


They're on a <i>Horse</i> )

Also, I need to get better at prompt writing before next semester. Therefore: Prompts! Give me a sentence, any pairing from any fandom. If I know the fandom, I'll give you a drabble. If I don't, you will have to pick another fandom. Let's see how many more plotbunnies the Hutch can hold before they start crowding out due to population pressure. Ready? Go!