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And I do. This is one that doesn't live without Crack!Muses, though, so you will have to prod me for it to happen.

Title: GODan 10
Fandoms: Good omens, written by the godlike Pratchett and the saintlike Gaiman, bit only because he doesn't want to be a god. And DP by the Bitch.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, implied sex

Mostly to Embarrass Aziraphale )
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I think M!Perv had something to do with it going down. I think. It's still not letting me access random pages unless I'm very patient. We'll see how it goes. On Monday, I complain like a thing of unhappy complaints.


Aside from the utterly bizarre conversations I have with [livejournal.com profile] ragtime_wurm and then subsequently share with the entire RP, I bring candy no not that kind of candy, you preverts for you.

Well, Not That Kind of Candy YET )

It is still the eleventh day of the Omer, which is one week and four days into the Omer. If I say it twice, does that make up for not updating on the tenth day?
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Today is still the ninth day of the Omer.

Jews count days sunset to sunset. Which is to say, tomorrow starts at sunset today. Thus, I have been counting off the Omer based on which day it was then, as measured by sunsets. I already counted the ninth day last night, but since it's still light out here, it's not the tenth day yet.

Molest! )

Although, as I write this, I realize that Dan and Clockwork haven't ever actually gone on a date. The same applied to Freakshow. I feel that this ought to be changed, once this Sue thing is over.
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Today is the eighth day of the Omer, which is one week and one day into the Omer.

I'm not Jewish anymore, I think. I'm Pastafarian. But I started counting the Omer so I'm damn well going to count the Omer!

Say it with Me, Now: Awwwwwww )

That couldn't been done better. I have to sleep now. I'll prolly edit heavily and repost later.
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Today is the seventh day of the Omer ^.^'

Also, because Emmy and I had a loverly RP, which someone needs to give to Sair because Trill is a bitch, I learned what happens next, and promptly wrote it.

How to Embarrass An Angel, Part II )

These bunnies, they eat me alive. Also, I need more pr0n in my life.
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Today is the sixth day of the Omer.

The Omer is a fifty-day period, stating on the second day of Passover and ending on the first day of Shavuot. Shavuot is a festival whose name literally means "Weeks" because you count off seven weeks from Passover. Those seven weeks are the time it takes the winter barley crop to grow. I can never remember to count it, but this year I shall do it by LJ, which is to say, I'll actually remember to do it!

Dan is Subtle Like a Mace )

It's not that Aziraphale doesn't like Dan. It's that he has no idea how to react.

Which is a lot of people's reactions.

And he hasn't even met the brainmates yet :3
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But, also, I give presentations about plastic to plastic engineers and don't get ripped to shreds. Probably because the study confirmed what we already knew but we now get to say to the guys in Germany "nyer nyer, We Told You So," even if it isn't a happy conclusion.


I should have posted this yesterday.

It's Not Because He's an Angel )

My brainbunnies, incidentally the same ones that insist A/C is GO OTP, insist that in this world they finally admit it to themselves and get together because of Dan.

I'm tempted to agree with them.
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It's Saturday, soon to be Sunday, wheeeee!

Post-Coital Shut UP Now! )

Emmy, your shiny brain-thoughts are very shiny indeed.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] lachattenoire13 asked me about the scent of this leather. So I asked Linda the Leather Lady. She told me that it is called "aroma," because our leather does not smell. And she showed me the leather aroma jars.

. . . we keep leather aroma is jars?!?

The do this by pulling random leather sample #879 and putting it in a jar. Three weeks later, they come back to see what its aroma is. Although it does smell very nice, like a brand-new purse or the inside of one of those very exclusive leather stores, I find this just a bit odd.

But anyway, I have official permission to steal as much of the scrap leather as I can steal in one week, which is to say, free shammies for all who want them. Some of it is really nice, and it's all in 8-1/2x11 paper sized sheets. Did I mention it's free?

Right, I should post things about Heres Tanarill's body. Instead, you get this thing. It is all Emmy's fault:

. . . and all his hosts . . .  )

That practically wrote itself, and it was fun. And now . . . I dunno. I have a number of things written, but I think the one about turpentine (repeat after me: grappa) is next. We'll see when I post, though.

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