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Because [livejournal.com profile] rtydmartel asked for this. If you are not interested in Science!, skip to the end and you can have some Haunted Past instead.

This is about orbitals and quantum, but I am going to do my best to avoid the quantum because it is complicated three dimensional integraty math and makes my head hurt. Instead, I will start with a short review.

Electrons still hate each other. They will never not hate each other.

Electrons will move to so that they have the lowest possible energy. If a position of lower energy becomes available, that's where any given electron will go. Sometimes, this means moving in with another electron, but the desire to have less energy overrides the other-electron-hating.

On a very, very tiny scale, adding more energy to something pretty much always means it is moving more. You can add the energy in whatever way you want. It translates into more motion.

Review done. Simplified model time*.

Pretend that atoms are only 2D, and you are looking down at one from above, with a bird's-eye view. You have an electron orbiting the nucleus at a certain distance. It has an angular velocity, which is how many times it goes around the circle per second, and a tangential velocity, which is how fast it would be moving if it were moving in a line.

Now, drop another electron farther out. It's orbiting at the same angular velocity - moving around the nucleus the same number of times per second. But because the circumference of the outer circle is larger than that of the inner circle, the tangential velocity is much faster. It has to cover that larger circumference in the same amount of time, after all.

Electrons like to have a fairly constant angular velocity. If you add energy (which means making them move faster), they will move farther out from the nucleus. That way, even though it is moving faster, it will have the same angular velocity. Remember, though, electrons move to the lowest possible energy. This means that most of the time they will be moving as slowly as possible. They will give up energy and move closer to the nucleus to do so. Electrons are lazy-ass bitches.

Scientists, for some reason, decided to give the tangential velocity a number. They call this the principal quantum number, but because they are lazy, they write it as "n". Principal quantum number = n. Higher principal quantum number = higher n = more energy = more motion. It is all the same.

Finally, understand that n is always an integer. The energy of an electron has certain values. It can't have any other values. If you try to add energy to electrons to get them to jump to a higher n, they will not unless you are adding exactly the right amount of energy. If you add too little - nothing. If you add too much, also nothing. The fact that the can have some values of energy but not others is called "quantum" because they can only have certain quantities of energy.

Hmm, this topic is turning out to be larger than expected. I will cover subshells tomorrow. Please give feedback if this is too confusing, as well as what I can do to make it better.

Now, I bleeve I promised Haunted Past.

Title: Doves
Fandom: Danny Phantom. I have never and will never see a cent.
Rating: Actually it's totally safe for all ages
Warnings: This is actually sweet, in a very Haunted Past kind of way.

How Far Would You Go? )

That happens right after Dan finally comes to his senses. Danny doesn't come down for a while.

*Very simplified. I'm just using this model because it makes sense to our fragile human brains. It has almost nothing to do with the way that real electrons behave. But it's a good thought model for learning the concept, as long as you keep in mind that none of it is true.
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Or, how I learned to wear gloves.

See, in cutting up engines from Very Large, Heavy Pieces of Cast Iron into pieces no larger than 2" across, one cannot simply use a single large saw. Instead, I start with a large hydraulic bandsaw, then move down to the big Delta cut-off wheel, then the medium Leco cut-off wheel, then the small Discotom cut-off wheel. If necessary, I can go one step smaller, to the very cute, well-behaved Struers fine wheel, which performs precision cuts through the use of video game noises. No, I have no idea either.

The epic begins with the Delta saw not working. So Dave, whose job it is to maintain the saws, calls Maintenance to put in a work order. (No, of course he isn't allowed to do it himself. The Union has rules about that sort of thing.) They come down, take a look, and explain that the coolant has things living in it, which is gumming up the works. They looked at the other saws, and all but the Struers have things living in the coolant as well. Dave ordered an industrial-sized barrel of biocide, and new coolant which accepts biocide without reacting to it. This week, they have mostly been cleaning the grime off these wheels, then flushing the systems with biocide, then mixing up the new coolant formation.

The new coolant is not dirty dish water colored, as the old one was. Instead, it is pink. Bright, pepto-bismol pink.

It also irritates my hands. I mean, the old coolant did too, but not like this. I get hives from it. This is not because it is coolant, but because it is a slightly acidic buffer solution. It h as to do with the way that aluminum reacts with water to become caustic. You don't want your coolant eating through the lines, so you have to buffer the solution. It's just my luck that it irritates my skin. So I must wear elbow-length gloves while using these machines now -_-

In other news, the porn I have been slowly writing for weeks is done. It came out fluffy.

Title: Ten Thousand Ways
Fandom: DP, still not owned by me, which means that I still fail utterly to make money on this
Rating: R
Warnings: It's porn. Explicit porn. How much clearer can I get?

In Which Dan Can't Say the L Word )

So, yeah. That is Haunted Past. It took too long to write, not because I didn't know where I was going, but because I didn't know the road to take. Ah well.
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I have no idea, but Haunted Past is desirous of being written. I'm not sure what to write. I've already written all the important bits, the rest is just filling in the blanks. So here's some fluff, instead.

Title: Keys
Fandom: Danny Phantom, which belongs to Viacom
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This is slashy, but not overly so. Still. You've been warned.

As requested, Danny and Keys )

I didn't do NaNo. I won't ever have the time to NaNo. Maybe I'll do a month-novel over work term. Thoughts?


Sep. 22nd, 2007 10:10 pm
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The final prayer of Yom Kippur is called Ne'ila (neh-eel-ah), meaning "gates." It is because as the sun sets, the gates of Heaven close and with them our chance to change our fate for the coming year. The idea is that on Yom Kippur god decides if you've been a good enough person in the past year to merit surviving the next. Kol Nidre marks the opening of the gates, Ne'ila the closing.

Then we did Havdala, which is the "going from holiday to normal day" ceremony. It's done at the end of every Shabbat also, and is actually a very nice little thing involving fire and spice. On Yom Kipur, it also involves glow wands and a half-hour singalong.

After Havdala we went to the family Breakfast, to break our fast. I ate too much, and found our that cousin Debbie is getting married to Leslie (who is male) tomorrow. They've been together for about a decade, and no one's really surprised, but they aren't having a big wedding because they don't want a big to-do. So I didn't know about it.

Leslie as also wearing a kilt. He had a sporran. This is because he's performs at the RenFaire. I mentioned that I loved RenFaires, and scored two free tickets. Because I'm related . . . I'm hoping this becomes a permanent thing. Yes!

The family is also full of people who didn't know or were very proud of me fore bone marrow -_- I'm telling you, it's not that big a deal!

I also got the contact info for a cousin of my mother's who is a molecular biologist, ie, does for a living what I want to do for a living. Score! Contact in the business. She's actually the chief American engineer for Nexium, the purple pill, had a Ph.D and an M.D. and rocks hard.

I have a great family.


So, apparently, being horny prompts me to write pr0nz. And writing pr0nz makes me horny. It's a horrible cycle. Well, horrible for me. I'm sure you like it, nai, seeing as you get more Haunted Past at no additional charge . . .

Title: Ring
Fandom: As if you don't already know. And no, I'm not making monies. Stop asking.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Noncon. Smut. Homosexuality. First time. Once again, I don't force people to read these, so if any of this squicks you, please go somewhere else.

what forges stronger chains than love ever could )


An, having seen Avatar S3 premier, I have this to say: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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Pendulum is inactive, as neither myself nor Nai seem to be able to get anything to frickin happen.

To make up for this, Haunted Past has invaded my brain. Have some pr0ns.

Title: Bubbly
Fandom: DP, which is owned by Viacom and not me. I get no monies.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic gay sex and implied noncon. Look, no one said you have to read it.

where love must live )

Of Doom!

Sep. 11th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Today had the potential to suck. Like something that nature abhors. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out pretty good.

The Bad:

I woke up in the middle of the night and my entire right side was damp. No wet, just damp, and getting wetter. This is because I do, as I've mentioned, sleep with the window open. It rained . . . and the window was open. Thus, I got damp. I closed the window, rolled over, and went back to sleep. I was dry by morning.

The Slightly Better:

I got, to my utter chagrin, to sleep in to 8.00. I do not like this statement. The sleeping in part is fine, it's just the to 8.00 that hurts. Badly. Nevertheless, I slept in to 8.00, had an actual not-egg containing breakfast, and went off to meet my new doctor. She's another of these people impressed by the fact that I donated bone marrow. Really, people, it's not that big a deal . . .

So I was doctor'd up. I have lost seven pounds in the last two weeks, or about half a pound per day. That is one awesome diet right there, whatever I'm doing. My eyes track properly, my muscles reflex properly, and my blood pressure is highly normal. My doctor still wants me to get some blood work done, which means a twelve-hour fast. Lovely.

I've also been maybe-diagnosed with something called "insulin resistance," which is a diabetes precursor. So I have to lose 20 more pounds (which I expected) or become diabetic. I'ma ty losing the weight. I'm quite lucky; MW is a dietitian, so I get the consultation for free and I live with her. It's like having my own personal trainer.

The Very Much Worse:

I got to work in time to eat lunch and then RUN to Warren, where I sat in a meeting for two hours looking at small pieces of plastic. These pieces of plastic have no relation to what happens to cars, but we still use them as standards. No, I know not why. After the meeting, I found out that crap-driver Chris, who is usually at these things, will instead be in Korea next week, so I get to do it On My Own. Joy.

The Boyfriend:

Is a geek. To the next level, and it's what I love about him. We are able to have entire conversations on the question of "Your slippers all over the floor? All two of them?" and "I wonder what kind of geek I am?" and "HAL is not a bad thing to name a recalcitrant computer." Ten minutes of this made the horrible of the day go away. Plus, cuddles :)

Then I went and beat the fire dungeon in Twilight Princess,a Zelda game that I keep comparing to OoT, and it consistently comes out on top. There was ceiling walking in this one. A discussion about the ramifications of going Prince of Persia on the Zelda dungeon's ass was had. Then I got the Zelda version of a rocket launcher. Yes. A rocket launcher.


So now I'm at home, very happy that I have such a great BF and think about how I tend to associate things to other things by scent. MW smells like warmth and safety, Dad smells very distinctly of machines and morals, and now my boyfriend is comfort and the way a heartbeat sounds.

Other things:

I remembered a dream. I didn't have it last night, but I don't think it was more than a week ago. A lot of it had to do with Biggoron, dressed like Minish Cap Link and hanging on (and in) the pulverized island from WindWaker where the fish with Nayru's Pearl was supposed to be, along with his very extended family. He was too big to go rescue his mother Ooccoo from somewhere. So his relative Dark Link and myself Link had to go do it for her, while working through the fact that we didn't like each other, in much the same way Toki and Dash don't like each other. This did not happen. It ought to have, but instead DL did something stupid and died and before Link could resurrect him the dream ended.

The temperature is autumnal. Other people keep saying that autumn is here, but they're wrong. Autumn involves the smell of wood fires and leaf mold. It's just that today was cooler.

And finally, in the interests of writing, again,

Title: Mirror
Fandom: DP, owned by not me and therefore I make no monies
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash. Yaoi. Gay. I don't think I can make this much clearer.

Unfair )

And there you go, Chains. R&R, please.

Ada, lurkerlaine, I'm still waiting on drabble prompts.
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Today is the ninth day of the Omer, which is one week and two days into the Omer.

Now that's I've decided to quit Judaism, I have the oddest desire to spread it around. Which is to say, I'm going to share random and useless bits of Judaism with you.

Alphabet=aleph-bet, Or, Why 18 is a Good Thing )

Also, there is only one thing I agree with the Bitch about from that "Phantom Planet" add:

Some specials are more special than other specials. Where special means "rides the short bus to school."

Srsly, Hartman, WTF?

Cherry-picking )

As always, please R&R. Maybe C&C. Or Q&Q? I wonder how many letter&letter there are that make sense . . .

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