Sep. 25th, 2013

tanarill: (Science!)
But actually a thing happened and I am really upset about it.

So lab mate S ordered a kit with some stuff, including a plasmid. A plasmid is a ring of DNA that bacteria make and humans exploit shamelessly, although I will not quite get into how. When we were talking about ordering it, I said that the first thing I was going to do when it arrived was put the plasmid into some DH5-alpha cells, because that particular kind of cell is good at making plasmids. End result: LOTS of plasmid. The kit does not come with much, but we have the technology . . .

Anyway, so the kit came today, and that is what I did. I called lab mate and told him that I had done this. His response? "I appreciate that you are eager to get started, but please let me know next time before you start on something that I ordered. You have no idea what I had planned to do with the materials or my concerns on how they are handled. Next time speak with me beforehand so we can make sure we’re in agreement."

Uh, I did. Maybe not today, but we did talk. Last week. You didn't object when I told you my plans, you said, "Okay, that's great," which I took to mean you approved of the plans. Okay, so I will admit maybe I should have called you. Maybe you should check your email so you see when these packages come in, or, you know, show up to lab more than once a week. Also, I took one microliter. They sent us one hundred microliters, it's not like you are going to be hurting for material. Also also, this is not only your project. You don't get to order me around, we are supposed to be partners; we agreed that I'd do the lab monkey stuff you hate, and you'd do the data analysis stuff I hate. This is my half of the work, I do it the sane way.

So. Frustrate.

Will relate more regarding both symposia and vacations to Michigan during Hell month when I am not so heart-sick.

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