Jun. 28th, 2013

tanarill: (Bitchin')
Today I leveled up. I am now Grad Student Level 2 - Candidate. This means nothing in terms of money (I am not paid) or status (still mud), but it is a big step because it means I am a candidate for a doctoral thesis. Now I start working to do my thesis.

I still don't have any of that one protein, so . . .

But myself and my PI and my committee member Dr. Low are going to sit down and pow-wow next week to work out what other things I might be doing rong!!! I'm doing something wrong, that is for certain.

Fic recs! Well, a fic rec. Go read Exclusive by [personal profile] copperbadge. Most of his stuff is pretty good, but that was just wow. The bit with the Hulk interview! And people, being wrong, on the internet!! And - !

Also, what is this bullfuckery, SCOPUS? You 'can't speak to the constitutionality of laws?' Excuse me, that is your job. Get off your asses and do it. Explain to the crazies that no government anywhere has the right to deny social services like marriage licenses on the basis of any of the following: age, gender, identified gender, ethnicity, religion, crazy family members, sane family members, people who just don't like you, or previous marriage history. In addition, explain that "abortion is legal in all states" = "you are not allowed to make spurious laws designed to prevent women from having an abortion, especially if it is an emergency one." Finally, explain that just because the anti Jim-Crow law is out-of-date doesn't mean it is not necessary; and that your ruling to that effect does not make these new Jim Crow laws that states are trying to pass any more legitimate, just that Congress needs to get off of its collective lazy ass and update the law. I am not impressed with you right now.

Huff, huff.

Okay, I'm done.

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