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So. Yesterday, my blooooooooodwork came back from the medical lab. They say: I’m mostly normal, but my LDL levels are too high (I knew this) and that I need to lose weight (I knew this also). The treatments would be to exercise for half an hour every day, which I refuse to do. I am, on the other hand, eating less these days, and what I am eating is healthier. For the most part.

My iron count is still low. Treatment is to continue taking one iron pill each day until the bottle runs out.

Sukkot started Wednesday.

I said to my mother, I said: I do not care if it’s not cold enough yet. I want brisket. Stop feeding me meat that was cooked on the bone. The smell of cooked animal bone makes me sick, you know this. Give me some real beef.

So she went out and bought a brisketzilla.

Our butcher occasionally, for holidays like Sukkot and Passover, produces brisketzillas. These large slabs of meat are so huge that they do not physically fit in the oven at one time. Cooking them is pretty much an all day thing, because depending on how huge they are, you have to cook them either twice or even three times, in shifts. And then you have leftover brisket for months. I said I wanted beef. I had a whole cow. I am a happy tan :D

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and invisible guests )

So that was my Thursday and today. Tomorrow I plan to sleeeeeeep, maybe do some exercise, and take a shower.

Now, a story which I have bee sitting on for weeks and really ought to post.

Title: Motive
Fandom: None! I own this universe entirely. Watch me glee.
Rating: G
Warnings: Did you read the rating? Oh, fine. Loki’s female here.

I made an OC. I feel so ashamed. )

And before you ask, the reason that Odin killed Ymir was so that he could be famous for having done so. Not a very good reason, but there it is.

Yes, Ymira and her vast number of siblings have taken up residence in my brain. I’m not sure how many there are yet, but as Loki’s not going to stop being fertile within the next few hundred years, and is going to pop out at least one kid every decade . . .

There. Now I can stop feeling guilty for not posting.
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Or at least not been online as much.

Because of finals.

Which are Finished.

. . . I am a Sophomore-I. Holy shit. I am a college sophomore. When did this happen?

In other news, the monstrous corporation for which I work is having its annual shut-down, during which they replace large sections of assembly line with newer sections of assembly line tooled for different things. Union rules state that while they're rebuilding the lines, union workers get vacation.

All union workers.

Which mean the janitorial staff is off for two weeks solid when July starts, which means no one can work at all. I'm sure there's a better (less costly) way to set up union contracts, but I'm not complaining so much because it means that as of right now, I have a solid MONTH of vacation. The current plan:

This week - buy clothing. Because I have two summer-appropriate business-casual outfits and need fourteen. On Tuesday, go to the doctors. Also, get blood drawn because I may be a bone marrow donor for a ten-year-old girl with leukemia.

Next week - Get up godawful early in the morning on Monday to drive my 32.7 mile commute to Milford, where I don't work yet. Yes, Lacha, I know your commute is worse. But for Detroit, that's as absurdly long commute. Then I get the grand tour, meet my boss and some of my coworkers, and learn more about my job this term. For those of you who have forgotten, the general job is "watch breaks rust." Riveting. Then on Wednesday, Mother and I leave.

Second Week Wednesday to Fourth Week Wednesday - Road Trip. I prolly will not be online. Emmy, we must make eeeeeeeeevil plots! And things!

Last three days of vacation - sleep. Maybe, if our families to do not conspire to keep us apart, meet Rags in RL. Then on July 16, I wake up in the morning and drive to Milford like a good little wage-slave, to watch breaks rust. (Riveting.)

Also, in a recent issue of Newsweek, I read an article all about gengineering, or as the Catholic Church calls it, "an abomination against god." I thinks it's a good idea, especially if can make acid-fixers that require a certain acidity to live. IE, we sow the seas with them and fix our acid problem, they photosynthesize so we get some oxygen out of it, and once they fix the acid problem they die because there isn't enough acid. Or something like that. Yes, I know it won't be that simple, but it would be nice . . . Other fun things to do with gengineering include clean biofuels and host-adaptive antigens and then! werewolf viruses.

I wonder what the Catholic Church would do if we made a super-adapted, gengineered human. Because, you know, no god involved but s/he thinks and has emotions and an actual soul . . . oh, and incidentally? Can survive where your pitifully crying Catholic canon fears to tread. The Arctic? Chilly. Hell? A little bit warm. Your pathetic, outdated dogma? A crunchy snack.

In case you can't tell, I soooooo want to be a gengineer.

Hmm. That got long . . . Oh well. Time for something that fails to be MPreg, because for once, the pregnant party is female.

For a Given Value of 'Is' )

Man, I love the dynamic those three have going. I love this entire universe. The issue is, of course, that I have no time to write it and I really really want to work on DaHTA.

. . . damn.
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And go from there. If anyone has a list of questions to ask during a formal interview, they would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, the Environmental Presentation went well. Urgh. Too much to do this weekend.

And on the other other hand, we have a dwarf.

Loki is Gay )

Thanks to Emmy for Beta'ing.

The story behind the grandchildren is this: Loki can turn female and get preggers. Baldr wants kids. Loki isn't enamored of the idea, but he had an odd upbringing and his previous kids either kept the love of his life imprisoned in the afterlife for ages while he got acid dripped on him, were killed to make to only kind of bonds he couldn't slip, or are destined to destroy the world. So he's got reason. But there will still be oodles of little cross-between-mischief-and-peace godlings running around in a few years.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that today is the eighteenth day of the Omer, which is two weeks and four days into the Omer.

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