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So today was anti-stellar. I got up to a dry, itchy throat. Sometime about noon, someone replaced my head with a pumpkin. I managed to make it back to my room for sleeping, but instead of doing the sensible thing and skipping Polymers class, I forced myself to get up for it and spent the entire class dying and failed to learn anything anyway. Then I came back to my room and slept some more. I am fairly certain I had a fever, because right now I'm doing that post-fever lie-naked-a-think-cold-thoughts thing. I can't go to sleep since I woke up. And I have a headache consuming half my head.

If this has not gotten better by tomorrow evening, I am calling Dr. BZ and asking to drop the immunosuppressants for a few days to get over this.

Oh well. Have some fic.

Title: Subtle
Rating: PG
Warnings: Alluded-to violence, but nothing onscreen. Also, Fluff.

Like a Mace to the Head )

Hmm. Should I make a tag for this universe? There's lots more bunnies nomming on my ankles, so it is maybe a good idea.

As always, give me concrit!
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I don't want to move to California, but my desires often bear little resemblance to what is actually happening.

As a result, yesterday two huge guys with beards showed up to do the work of putting the house into boxes. In another week or so, these boxes will be loaded on to a truck and driven cross-country, to the castle of my fadda, in California.

Meanwhile, Set and Horu have been poking me, so here is a short. It is mostly characterization.

Title: The Best of Friends
Rating: G
Warnings: There's a divorce in here, if you don't like those.

Egyptians Believed in Common-law Marriages and the Rights of the Wife )

Pander to my inner comment-whore, please! I do not like this no-feedback thing.

And now, since the house has been packed up and that unfortunately means the router . . . there will probably be little to no me this weekend :
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Guys! I did the porny thing!

This occurs in the same 'verse as Power's Price, but obviously none of the characters are the same.

Title: Ellipticals and Straight Lines
Fandom: None, I own this one, yeah!
Rating: NC17
Warnings: This is smut. Gay smut. Smutty smut smut. There might be a plot, but it is hiding from all the smut. Did I mention the smut? You have been warned.

In Egyptian Mythology, the Head God Masturbated Out the World . . .  )

And I am now going to consider those fics I owe people filled. Because this just kept getting longer and is, I feel, long enough to count for a comment-fic five times over. >.>

[insert shameless request for pandering to tan's inner comment-whore here]
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Things I did today:

Slept till noon. This is VACATION, I act like it.

Went the my gynecologist. This was mostly for the HPV vaccine shot (1/3 down) but also because I haven't had a period in four months going on five and my hormones are seriously out of whack. She wrote be a prescription for forced-period pills, and then I got some BC pills, so I will be normal after this.

Also at the gynecologist, but not really related to it, I had some blood taken. It's going to be tested for antigens, per the leukemia thing.

Played SotS until it broke my computer and then I had to restart. Not I have to ask the guy who gave it to me about what I do.

Tried to download the demo version of Caesar IV but my comp wouldn't run it. >:(

Also, two lurker-persons seem to have friended me. If you don't mind, who are you and how did you find this journal?

Finally, Mayim-muse is not leaving me alone. Therefore, I screwed with Egyptian mythology some.

Not as Bad as What I Did to Norse Mythology )

I'm proud of Mayim. She passed the Sue Test. But that Does Not Mean I want to write more of her. She's supposed to be an RP character, dammit! She does not need all this backstory.

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