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But the hard one was this morning. At 7:30. Which was horrible. I got to start at the worst possible time with the hardest exam.

Then I came back and wrote this Thing in celebration.

Title: He Really Isn't
Fandom: Gargoyles!headcanon
Rating: PG
Warning: None.

Alex Has Run Away to Avalon, for What He Thinks are Good Reasons )

Alex just turned thirteen here, which means he's going to do stupid things for all the right reasons. He went to Avalon because, among other things, he doesn't expect the Puck to be able to come after him. And he can't. But Owen can. Mind, that particular loophole is going to work exactly once, so he's been sitting on it. Saving Alex's life is worth it, though.
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Buuuuuuuut I wrote this! Happy (belated) Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] tsaiko!

Title: A New Form
Fandom: Gargoyles!
Rating: G
Warnings: Cute kid being terrifying.

He's Going to be a Terror When He Grows Up )

He absolutely is, too.

Today is the nineteenth day of the Omer, which is two weeks and five days into the Omer.
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Title: If and Only If
Fandom: Gargoyles!headcannon
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mention of homolove. Also, follows immediately after Don't Have Said That.

After He Figures out the Owen Thing but Before the Confrontation . . .  )

I'm working out the timeline as I go. So far, I have the idea that the confrontation with Owen has to happen after this, because otherwise Alex would be asking different (and generally smuttier) questions. This is him after Owen rejected him the first time, and he has no idea why (yet). But this is good, too, because it gets him to spend more time with the Puck. Who always needs more hugs and sex. Ahem.
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Or, rather, being a biochem major. Because every single class I take for said major after sophomore year has an associated lab. I'm not getting a minor. (I tell a lie. I may go for a nano-thingy minor.) I'm not crazy enough to try three lab courses in one term (I tell a lie. Nano-thingy minor will require this), or at least, not after this one.

In other news, I probably bombed my Modern Physics test. But, seeing as apparently everyone else did too . . . [prays for a curve] I'll let you know.

EDIT: The whole class did bomb, so the curve left me with an 88. Huzzah.

Here, have some Gargfic.

Title: Headaches
Fandom: Gargoyles, plus my headcanon
Rating: PG
Warning: Mention of homolove, but nothing happening yet. Also, one rather large age gap.

At Six, He Was Cute; At Sixteen . . . )

Yes, Alex is going after Owen. Because Owen is the Puck and the Puck is awesome.

One more, just for you.

Title: Don't Have Said That
Fandom: Gargoyles, plus my yaoi fangirlishness
Rating: PG
Warning: Did you not read the rating? Okay, nothing happens.

Lex is Gay and Goliath Married Elisa, but That So Did Not Prepare Him for This )


Nov. 13th, 2008 11:46 am
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So, I am a fan of the Disney series Gargoyles! even though, technically, they are grotesques. And, although I have been enjoying immensely the new comic books (which nullify the horrible third season and replace it with much better canon), I did, in the decade-long hiatus, form for myself some personal canon, which is made mostly of awesome, at least from where I stand.

But first, a story.

I was not a particularly odd child, which means that, as a kindergartener, I put odd things in my mouth. It's what we did, back when Polly Pockets were really small enough to fit in your pocket and were a chocking hazard to the young people for whom thy were meant. We had been playing Chinese checkers, and then I stuffed some of the marbles in my mouth. I think you can see where this is going.

This happened, I might add, on the first day of kindergarten.

So instead of a full first day, I had a half-day followed by a day in the hospital waiting room, so that I could be x-rayed. And Gargoyles, was on. I am fairly certain it was the Awakening Part I. And I liked it because, in addition to being a not particularly odd child, I was one of the ones who likes playing with the castle sets that children are no longer allowed, being judged as things that cause children to become violent. (This is true. I once bit a boy for not letting me play with the castle set, which is a different story.) And I was delighted.

To the point that I had to be bodily dragged into the x-ray room so they could see if the piece of glass working its way through my digestive track was a hazard. It wasn't, and we went home, and I didn't see the show again for years.

I was six at the time.

ETA: MW says this is a lie, and that I was four at the time. Since she is MW and probably remembers my fourth year better, I will believe her.

In the absence of the actual show, I was forced to make up gargoyle stories for myself. As you can see, I have been a fanfiction author for a long, long time - since before I even knew how to write, in fact.

Some years later, my parents got digital cable trial for three months. This was a period in history when Toon Disney was running the "Hanging with the Heroes" and "Chillin' with the Villians" blocks, and that's what I did at ungodly hours of the night for three months to get my gargs!fix. After the episode Enter MacBeth, I went out and read the play. Likewise for the appearance of the Puck in 'The Mirror' and the various myths met on the world tour. I was a dedicated fan.

Anyway. The trial ran out before the series did, so I missed out of most of the Goliath Chronicles. And I was again Gargoyle-less for years, until YouTube came along and managed the fixation quite nicely. Being slightly more developed at twelve than I had been at six, my headcanon was better.

Here's what I decided:
1. The Puck will, sooner rather than later, show Alex how to do that trick with turning humans into gargoyles or vice versa. It will involve Goliath, Elisa, and possibly a twelve hour hiatus and you will not ever know what happened during those twelve hours.
2. Fox will eventually figure out how to use some of her power when she isn't totally pissed off at Oberon for trying to steal her kid! She turns out to be good at healing only, which annoys her to no end.
3. David will be forced, by virtue of the fact that the other three members of his family have/know magic, to learn. He uses a grimoire to do this. He's like the Magus with no morals and an Armani three-piece.
4. Owen is sheer and utter awesome.

More lately, I have decided that:
1. Adam is the result of that twelve hour hiatus. He'd an open-minded, perfectly normal human kid. Honest.
2. All major male characters (excepting Goliath) are either bi or gay. Don't question it, it's just me being a yaoi fangirl.
3. Alex and Lexington start doing really weird things with magitech at around the same time Alex is learning to walk. This involves Alex doing that semi-possession thing a lot. Because the idea od Alex not learning to speak until he is six because he does not have to, he has a Lex to do it for him appeals to me.
4. Owen is still sheer and utter awesome, which means that he's not really as geased as everyone seems to think he is.
5. Alex will, eventually, annoy the crap out of Oberon with magitechnological toys until he repeals the Puck-ban. It will be funny. It may involve custard.
6. Lexington becomes a cyborg. I just liked that one episode.

With that in mind, have some future!fic:

A snippet from when Alex was sixteen )
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So, Dad was very angry today. And he yelled at me and told me that just cooking curry is not a complete meal and I have to make side dishes. I do not see why. Curry has protein and vegetable already, and I am deliberately skipping starchy carbohydrates in the form of rice because rice is no on the Diet. But everyone ganged up on me and told me that curry is not a complete meal. I am Sad now.

So! To combat my Sadness, please to be doing prompts. And, since I did not finish with parts of speech, we are doing nouns. Pairing or character + noun = ficcage. Go!

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