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Title: Run, Monster
Fandom: DP, which I do not own
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild swearing

You Know You Deserve It )

And thus, the story actually does something. Yay! \o/
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Today, I:

Got up at eleven, only because there was a painter coming at noon to fix the roof, and he neede to be let it.

Spent the afternoon online, reading. Not necessarily smut, but very good. Go read [livejournal.com profile] maderr's archives.

Asked my Bf (holyshit I have a BF!) on a date, since he hadn't asked me. He said yes. Malling tomorrow!

Went shopping. I want to make it absolutely understood that I am a fat lazy bitch and hate shopping. The only store that seems to have gotten the idea that people are only going to buy clothes that they can fit into is Lord & Taylor. I feel like a whale everywhere else.

Came home and cooked dinner. Dinner was sushi. My brother made some too :9

Went out shopping again. This time successfully purchased four new shirts, for a total of six. Also got this amazing flower print skirt and a skirt that matches one of the shirts. Total price around $50. It was amazing.

Returned home and wrote:

Pendulum )

Yes, there is a reason he is so Fucked Up. No, we're not telling. Although I have been informed that when this story gets told, it's being told through the eyes of the anthropomorphic personification of Time. What fun.
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It is totally possible to top while bottoming. Just because he's the dom doesn't mean he can't take full advantage of his prostate. It's a question of who is in control of the sex, ie, not the sub.

Because I'm really getting sick of yaoi (I can't believe I just said that) that makes it like the sub is always the one on the bottom. It's not true and it's not fair. I mean, if you're asking do I expect yaoi to be realistic, no. Do I expect the relationships to be at least plausible? Write it like it is, people!

And With that Off My Chest, on to the Creepy! )

Also, Nai, the bit with CC and Dan in the same room? Totally named "Stargazing."

Remember that huge physics test that I was going to bomb? I kinda . . . did the opposite of bomb, and got a 102%. EC FTW!

I learn how I did on my hugeass presentation later today. There will also be Shakespeare, and the penis jokes alone make Shakespeare worth it, even if he does need to be more religiously tolerant.

Finally, today is the forty-third day of the Omer, which is six weeks and one day into the Omer.
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I obviously don't know the physics, so that's out. We've moved on to action-reaction forces, and they kill me.

I obviously don't know the math, because if I did there would be no issue with me getting every single answer wrong.

I am not doing the Comm assignment. I am group leader, therefore my job is contacting everyone higher than us lowly students, and the assignment is to make a questionnaire to fellow students you live in the dorms. Thus, I delegate.

I have read through Act II of Merchant of Venice. And then the SparkNotes thereof, which made sense of't. As dear William would say.

Also, Nai and I have decided to collaborate on the Pendulum, since we seem to be feeding each other's brainbunnies on this.

No sex under here )

There are more of these bunnies nibbling around my ankles, and a few glowing eyes are lurking in the bushes. I get to write most of the creepy disturbing bits :3

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