It Is Purim

Mar. 4th, 2007 01:42 am
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If you aren't Jewish, I'll forgive you not knowing what this is, but go look up who Queen Esther was and what she did for the Jews. (Answer: had mindblowing sex. With a King.) This, like many other other Jewish holidays, can be summed up in ten seconds as, "They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat. And then get drunk."

You are supposed to be so drunk you can't tell the difference between the names Haman and Mordechai, which is freakin' drunk. I say it's because the religion was put together by a bunch of vintners. Also, if you like Hamentashen, hit the bakeries now, they should be In.

For my Internet Girlfriend )

And you my now sit down and poke holes through this, which I will then duct tape shut with bullshit. Bullshit and duct tape hold the universe together!
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Because my brother managed to get all Bs and higher this semester.

I spent the day doing color tests of little pieces of plastic. But it wasn't filing.

Thing today are:

[ profile] falsechaos wanted to know what ectoacne is. Given my framework from Halfas and Ectoplasm, I am prepared to give an answer.

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My Drabbles are Too Long; They're More Like Ficlets )

I should go to sleep, really I should.
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By an old friend of the family who works on the same campus as me. It was thai curry. My eyes were sweating. I loved it.

Not that you care. You just want me to write scientific explanations for things that can't possibly happen. And drabbles. I like drabbles; I can write and sometimes post them on lunch break at work. Plus they are fun to write.

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Because I don't like Faux. The first part there happened right before Faux trapped Pas, BTW.
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For my hands! God, you people are perverted and I love it. It's not a question of whether or not we own any vaseline, either; my entire family tends to chap and break out in hives if the temperature drops below 24F, so we started keeping it in five-gallon tubs when I was four. It's just that we are still getting the house figured out after moving back in, and have no idea where the tubs are. Probably in the basement, but the basement right now is Hazardous to Your Health.

Anywho, work sucked like a vacuum. What I spent approximately five hours today doing: going over minute details of paperwork older than I am. By four years. I am eighteen.

. . . O_o

By far the best thing I found in the box of ancient paperwork? A presentation labeled "Computer Presentation." It was about how there should be a computer in the office, so that people could type it into the computer and store it in space-saving 5 1/2 inch floppies and print them instead of using typewriters.

It was dated June '84.

This came from a warehouse that they are trying to clear of ancient shit to make room for newer shit. I have at least one more box of this to go. ;_;

Time for your dose of semi-scientific BS:

Lupae Is Not Also A Werewolf; Here's Why )

That took me two and a half hours to write, but it was fun. I had to do some research on wolf evolution and weight. Yay for google!

Oh, and falsechaos, I'll try to get the ectoacne explanation up by tomorrow night at the latest. And then I'll be open for prompts again! (Although possible only one per person at a time, since it is a workweek and I have too much stuff to do otherwise.)
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They didn't come from Taco Bell, either. Mom made them from scratch.

[ profile] tavalya_ra, I have a request for you. Two requests. Whatever. I want icons which say:
From the point of view/ of a cat/ it is all/ talking monkey SEX.
Life's a bitch/ and then you die.
The slashes are to show where frame changes are. I'd like it if you put a pic of a cat in the background of "of a cat," but other than that, go wild.

People who want to know what my Jazz/Allen story is called, I have need of you. The title is tentatively "Thicker Than Water," but I think you can come up with a better one. Tell me tell me!

Also, should the title of that five-page hunk be "Meetings" or "Red-gold Flare"? Vote, and I might use the name you choose. Or maybe not. I might come up with a better name in my sleep, and use that. But give me your opinions, please!

Okay, now for the reason that you people are here today:

Ectoplasm is Radioactive )

And the LJ is now open for discussion. Have fun ;).
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The fact that I made three calls to India today. This is because tech support lives in India, and my work ID arrived today. I now officially exist. So I tried to log on and . . . it didn't work. Once call to India later, I had acquired the correct, actual password. Then I tried to get into the company email . . . which didn't work. Call two told me that I have a separate name and password for those, and gave them to me. And then I had to get online. I have a third password (but the same name as in number one) to get online, and I have to change it once every thirty days, for security.

The Indians were, for some reason, all very much more helpful than the Americans that I eventually got transferred to. I now want Indian curry for dinner, even though I know Mom made Moroccan chicken.

Anyway, I promised you all a pseudo-scientific explanation for the vampires, and also that I'd tell you what a prion is.

Click here to learn some Biology )

That's all you get for today. Go ahead and ask any questions you may have, I'll do my best to clarify confusing parts and answer them.

Tomorrow: Ectoplasm; Clockwork's Gift to RP!Dan Fanfic Writers
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Like the title says. Although technically, I'm not a biochemist. I'm just majoring in chem at a a school where the difference between Chemistry with Biochem minor and Biochem with Chem minor is zilch. Ahem.

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Someone just shoot the nice biochemist. Please?

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