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And all is right with the world.

Hey anybody out there, I have time in the next two days. Thus, it is drabblefest time! Thus: fandom, character or pairing, and prompt. The prompt must be a kind of vegetable matter. Fruits count. Trees count. Rare and precious herbs count. Metamorphic rock does not count.



Aug. 30th, 2009 08:31 pm
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Wow, I haven't posted for a while. Anyone, if you see me online and I haven't posted for a few days, poke me to do so.


So, MW and JJ have gone to California to see Panda. He was lonely, and as is usual for him, this manifested as a gain in girth. MW is doing her best.

As a result, I have been here alone. I am no good at this alone thing, so I had the Boy move in. And tonight, I went out for Delicious Thai food with [livejournal.com profile] ragtime_wurm. This resulted in the following conversation, which no one but Rags will find funny:

Me: So they're patrolling, and patrolling, and kicking random thugs inna nerts-
Rags: And some gangs gets them. So they fight, and they're losing, and then Ra's pulls moonkin.
Me: And the thugs break into laughter.
Rags: And the thugs start laughing. Until he pulls owlkin frenzy on them.
Me: Then they're not laughing anymore.
Rags: No they are not. Especially when he smacks one of them across the room with his giant moonkin paws. And then he pulls the spells.
Me: And later, they have this conversation:
Bruce: . . . so, you could do that all along?
Ra's: Yes.
Bruce: But you don't.
Ra's: Well, look at it!

And also the following picture. The baby-thing is supposed to be Batman, as drawn by tan. The moonkin is Ra's, as drawn by the much more talented Rags.

And Hilarity Ensues )

We also decided that Ra's is pronounced Reysh. It is not pronounced Raz.

That is all.
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Rags, I finished!

Fandom: ASRP, kindof, which puts in the realm of Hartman at Nickelodeon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity

Uptight Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It )

Bonus points, for anyone who isn't Rags, if you can tell me what song he's singing at the end.
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Thus, ficcage.

Title: Steampunk'd
Fandom: Danny Phantom, and the ASRP. Kindof. But the Averies belong to me.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A small amount of language

Vlad Masters, Meet Sam Averies )

Next one will involve singing!Vlad. Because he'd have to be totally smashed before even considering it.


Feb. 25th, 2009 08:57 pm
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So the Boy and I went to see Coraline. And, without spoiling it, it is highly recommended.

I have bee published again. Click here to read it. Be warned, it's entirely irreverent and has lots of graphic smexxing.

Finally, my sad awful pitiful attempt to draw a Vlad. This is what happens when Tressla uses magic to put big, shiny, blue bows that do not come off on Vlad's head.

Vlad is Not Amused )

Yeah, I know, black wings. Considering I never draw, I think it came out well.
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So I understand that today is Mardi Gras. I never have had a paczki, because traditionally they are fried in lard, and the really good ones still are. Then tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, followed by Lent. I find it interesting that Lent is pretty much the same length as the Omer, but is a period that seems to celebrate the complete opposite of the very happy 'yay harvest time' of the Omer in Judaism.

But I did write this.

Title: Stars and . . .
Fandom: DP and ASRP, kind of. I still don't own Danny Phantom.
Rating: G
Warnings: These are RP characters, so it is entirely likely that only me and Rags will get this. But the basic background is that this Vlad is a vampire, has wings, and married Tressla. Tress is, of course, still insane and overpowered, but she's recently spent two or three hundred years asleep, and has a lot of catching up to do.

So sweet it makes your teeth hurt )

So, yeah. Happy domestic moment. Because they have to happen sometimes, amIrite?

Later, Vlad changes his ghost hairstyle, because Tressla prods him to get rid of the points until he does. When he does, she promptly puts a Large Blue Bow on his head.

And also, a convo in my brain that needed writing.

RP Style )
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Catherine was average: average height, average weight, brown hair, brown eyes. Among angels, her large white wings went unnoticed. But she was still remarkable, for her compassion in life, which earned her the right to fight in the Lord's army, and for compassion after life, which kept her from ever seeing battle.

She was worried. She hadn't seen Soraka for weeks. She never really saw him a lot anyway, but never had she gone so long without seeing him before. She liked the company of the angel, and worried about him. He needed more friends. But she'd asked about him several times, and ha been brushed off.

She saw no choice now but to escalate the matter. Which was why she was currently sitting across from her Lord, stirring and stirring her tea.

Finally, she looked up. "Lord? Where is Soraka?"
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I discovered this when I went down to the Hutch to see how my bunnies were doing (answer: very well, thank you) and found that it had gotten bigger. On its own. I didn't even know it could get bigger, much less doing it without my knowledge. But there's room for half a dozen new bunnies.

I brought bagels to work today. That went over well. I also found out where my money was (in the bank account of a seven-year-old in Virginia, because they transposed two digits of my SSN) and the check is in the mail.

My Bahama-Bunnies Are Sort of Wandering Back Home )

I'd have more, really I would, but today was full of BS and I'm not in much of a creative mood. On the plus side, chaulnt tonight!

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