Fic: Vashti

Jan. 2nd, 2012 09:11 pm
tanarill: (Talking monkey SEX)
So, because [personal profile] everbright was helpful in establishing myself here at DW, she earned a prompt. She asked if I knew anything about vaguely Achamenid Persia.

I am Jewish. Among other things, this means I am familiar with Achamenid Persia, in the sense that the story of Purim was set there. You know, the one where Esther slept with a king, and the really good sex propogated early anti-discrimination practices in what was actually a quite cosmopolitan empire. Some time ago, I embarked on a highly AU retelling of said story, where everyone is homosexual (of course!) and the gods kicked the exiles out of the holy land for being prats. The story thus far is published over at Bang*Bang.

However, in the course of fleshing out the characters a little, I wrote a couple of studies. These cannot be published at Bang*Bang: they are much too short, and contain zero sex. I kept them, though, to refresh myself whenever the bunny should bite again. This isn't quite what you asked for, but the setting is more or less right and it's a happy bit of fluff.

Title: Vashti
Rating: G
Warnings: Current m/m and m/f, mentions of past m/m and lots of violence.

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