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So, it had to happen sooner or later, right? [livejournal.com profile] tsaiko, whose journal I have been stalking regularly and often or months now, did not fail her spot check, and therefore she seems to have spotted me lurking in a corner. [waves shyly]

Here's the deal: for a decloak on this journal, any given person gets a free drabble. So if you reply to this post with an introduction (to my readers; I'm the creepy stalker fangirl :P) and maybe tell me why you chose to friend me, you'll have earned yourself a drabble. If you add a prompt to the message, I will write it directly :D

I only got an 88 on the modern physics test. Blah. It's a Thing I don't understand, but Dorney (who is a physics major and went to a major geek party for the startup of the LHC and who passed this class with a high 90) says the first test is the hardest because it's the most abstract, and all the rest relate to some actual thing. I hope this is true. The class average was Bad.

I like Biochem. We got our protein gels back today.

PChem continues to make no goddamn sense. At dV = 0, then w = 0. At dP = 0, dH = q. All other times, shit is going to do whatever the hell it wants with no respect for us wanting the math to work >.o I hope entropy makes it easier. Gibbs free energy = <3

MW: Whut? Where is JJ going? Tube soup is fine, as long as we add 'shrooms and the correct amount of salt. Also, mmm garlic. I guess potatoes are out of the question? Because that is my first choice, but my second choice is cauliflower. I am not backing down on the cider thing. It turns out I'm about twenty minutes from a cider mill, I can get cider that was pressed today for mulling, Y/Y?

Shall we walk again tomorrow?

Hmm, I do not think it is that. I had an argument with sober Katie (who often isn't) and things are kind of eggshelly over here. Also, I miss hugs. Home tomorrow, though.
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It sucked. Not as in "it's a bad job, I hate it," or "the people are all really mean," or "you want me to what?" It's actually a very nice job, with benefits. It's just my first job, a real nine-to-five (except i'm probably going to end up doing it seven-thirty-to-four, including half hour lunch break). And it sucked. My coworkers are all nice, friendly people who don't mind showing the new girl around. But it still sucked. Miserably. I hurt in my everywhere.

So, to cheer myself up, I dig up a piece of writing from somewhere, and posted it.

Writingness! )

Just a piece of fluff to cheer me up. This is actually the second in a series of stories that include Katya as the catalyst. The first isn't bad, but it's not as good as this either. I like Katya; she's based off two friends of mine, and refuses to come out the way I'd planned. But that's all right; writing would be no fun if I had complete control over what my characters are doing ^.^

Comments and constructive criticism always welcome.

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