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Or, the difference between an angel and a demon.

This is world building for Heres Tanarill, see here for more on demons.

This one is really simple. Angels are the definition of selflessness.

Demons are the definition of selfishness.

A short story, which explains my thoughts on the subject rather well: Death, and What Comes Next by Terry Pratchett.

The fact that the demon in her heart doesn't hurt her doesn't mean he's not just as selfish as the rest of them. All it means is that the condition under which he is most happy is one in which Heres Tanarill loves him. Love can't be forced, so he's had to wait a long time. But he's still absolutely self-centered.

Under this definition, humans are a kind of angel and a kind of demon at the same time. They can be selfish, yes, but they can be selfless too. And they have something that neither angels nor demons have: a choice. We can decide what to be.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, though, which is why Heres Tanarill is almost always at odds with the angel in her mind. Like a good Hunter, she gets unpleasant things that need doing done. She just does it without caring for the people around her at more than the absolute minimum, or sometimes a little more. As far as the angel is concerned, almost the only unselfish thing she's ever done is go through the very dangerous process of summoning an angel from inside the Maze. It showed that she was more worried about the people around her than her own well-being, for once.

For the record, she got the angel to displace the demon. She never planned to have them both riding around with her at all.

No, she's not a nice person. Whatever gave you that idea?
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Today is the twenty-first day of the Omer, three weeks into the Omer and the first time I have done an odd number in a while.

Um. I have no idea where this came from.

Honestly I Don't )

You have to understand that, for the sake of Sol, Jan rearranged the way his entire society thought about Talents. When Heres Tanarill was born, Talents were hunted down and killed; at nineteen, when she went Walking, they are sought out and blessed for their abilities. So, yeah. Alo-alhandra ehyi Taki.
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Alrighty, before I can post the way that Jan and Sol met (and, considering that Sol is the heir to Horune and Jan's just this guy, it's pretty funny), I have to post the BS explanation.

Eventually, She Gets Rid of the Angel )

Yes, that does happen after she gets home. She loses the angel on the very last world she visits, and that was the last barrier to her return, so home she pops. After dealing with Rodig (by giving him third-degree burns; she's a vindictive bitch) she called in her friends and family. They're all a little worried about how cheerful she seems, especially since she's a recent rape survivor. This is a conversation that happens sooner rather than later.

Also >.> I need to get my brain in gear [kicks brain] Work, you!
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But I'm not mad. i'm Jewish, and so I kvetch. Pay no attention to my kvetching.

This is not DaHTA )

I should explain the Talent Revolution. This means I'm not going to.
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Anyway, my father didn't apparently bring anything back from Africa, but I have a headache and feel kinda nauseous . . . then again, it might just be Daylight Savings Tiiiiiiiiiiiime! [hates]

However, "urgh" is a good way to describe my today. And my brain wants to make the M!Heres Tanarill derivation the canon one, just so that it can watch Dan freak when she turns herself female again. Is this a good idea Y/N?

[livejournal.com profile] capslock_dp. 'Nuff said.

. . .

So, there’s this thing. That I realized. LAst night, when I was semi-concious and mostly deeeeeeeeead. Which is: at some point, Dan is going to try and insult Heres Tanarill by calling her a bastard. And when that happens, she’s going to turn to him and say, “Yes, and?”

And this is because Heres Tanarill is a bastard, in the sense that her parents weren’t married. Nor were her grandparents. Or great-grandparents. There is one distant aunt who was married for a happy three months followed by an unhappy six, but overall no one on either side of Heres Tanarill’s family has been married for hundreds of years.

It might help to explain some things about Hunters here. They don’t get married, as rule. There are too few of them to get married. Instead, they have babies on the basis of who is genetically far enough away from the mother that the child is at the least possible danger of problems caused by excessive inbreeding. Least possible does not mean no risk, and Heres Tanarill’s older sister (who does exist) has Down’s Syndrome (which is why she's not important the the overall story). It’s a mass breeding program, and the father has no responsibility to the child once he’s donated genetic material. Heres Tanarill doesn’t even consider her father as related to her, since he’s from House Mesod, not House Tanarill.

Hunter Houses, as you may have guessed by now, are matriarchal.

Very rarely, a Hunter will fall in love, and this is perfectly acceptable and they are allowed to remain with their chosen mate. But. They are all still under obligation to produce Hunter children. This causes a lot of tension, one of the reasons Hunters can rarely maintain happy relationships. Jan and Sol are the exception, not the rule, and they’re a special case anyway since Jan wasn’t raised in a Hunter House.

All of which has nothing to do with Dan’s reaction when Heres Tanarill tries to explain this, because he’s going to fall over laughing once he gets that Heres Tanarill’s entire family are bastards.

And apparently, the CW that lives in my head does not like ballroom dancing.
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And this is a good thing, because I have chronically low self-esteem. I know I'm good academically but less good people wise, and I tend to blow things out of proportion in my head. I know that this is a mental thing. I know that I am loved. But telling meself does not help much.

Nearly nine hours of ASRP munchat, on the other hand, does wonders for my frame of mind.

Anyway, things to understand this one:

Heres Tanarill is a witch in the Discworld style of witches. This is because while she was in the Shattering Maze, the Walkers' version of boot camp, she was batshit for a really long time and the only people who could stand to be around her until she got it under control were these strong minded women who also happened to be witches. She sort of picked up the magic along the way.

When Heres Tanarill is freaking out, or thinks she's going to have to perform a major magic, she'll react by going and finding simple, repetitive manual labor to do. It will help to center her, while at the same time building up a lot of power for doing magic with. Right now, she's doing both. And CW has a huge mansion.

She hasn't tried summoning Eska again yet.

Dan Wants to Cause Havoc, and Heres Tanarill is Good at Havoc )

Discworld witches are powerful, because they tend to treat things in their sphere of influence as theirs. And Gods help anything that tries to hurt what's theirs.
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Okay, so many of you may or may not know that this is a thing I do. I grow my hair out to, like, a yard and then cut off some for locks of love. Wash, rinse, repeat. My hair was about a yard long when I woke up this morning. Now it only goes down to a few inches below my shoulders.

My head feels very light. And when I was taking a shower earlier and washing out my hair I kept expecting it to end a foot and a half later, only it didn't.

It feels weird, is what I am saying.

Also, my Eska-muse is poking the inside of my brain and wants things to be made clear:
She does not, and never has, belonged to Heres Tanarill. She belongs to herself. She was a human for nearly a hundred years before she became a sword, and she became a sword willingly. By sticking a piece of red-hot steel through her gut. She does not spend all, or even most of her time, Walking with Heres Tanarill. Kindof. When Heres Tanarill calls, if she feels like it's something that Heres Tanarill can't do alone, she will step outside of time and Walk with her for a while. When she isn't, she's generally being carried around by Hanhara i'Kessela a'Kintar, who is a (very) distant relative.

No, you won't be tested on it. But Eska just wanted you to know those things, and was yelling at me.

And, pervert mine, I have books for you to read. The ones that you must read are "The Grand Tour," for a single scene in which you realize how bloody often those two get it on; and "The Fire's Stone," which contains a permanent threesome of two guys and girl and no visible sex ever takes place. If you want to do some extra credit, you can also read "Six Moon Dance," but the sex is blatant and kinda creepy once you figure out what the hell's going on.
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I should really shut up about Heres Tanarill and go work on TTW, but the Bahama-bunnies had a part last night (yes, that kind of party) and the only ones active today were the Heres Tanarill crossovers. Things:

1. Why Heres Tanarill loves timekeepers and worldwatchers: worlds with one or the other or both tend not to need Walkers. This is a good thing, as it means less work for our poor overworked maintainers-of-the-space-time-continuum.

2. Why Heres Tanarill hates timekeepers and worldwatchers: by the time they call in help from Walkers, or worse, are presented with a Walker as an ultimatum, everything is down the tubes anyway. Generally, they can't fix things at that point without performing a Great Unbinding. See yesterday for why Great Unbindings are bad. Also, timekeepers and worldwatchers are arrogant beyond belief, and so is Heres Tanarill. A peaceful partnership this does not make.

3. Why timekeepers dislike Walkers: see point 2 above. Also, they really hate it when Walkers Unravel time, because then they have to fix all the problems that come with doing something like that. Since Heres Tanarill is generally dead for about a decade after doing it, she's never any help at all.

4. Why worldwatchers dislike Walkers: they're like Auditors. They dislike everyone.

That said, CW is not average, even among timekeepers. For one, he thinks preventative action is far better than waiting until it's too late and then running around trying to fix things. For another, he's good; he doesn't attempt to fix things himself if he can get someone better for the job to do it [points at FS and Dan] for example. And to Heres Tanarill, who has never encountered a timekeeper like him, it's a refreshing if completely infuriating change.

This One Involves Heres Tanarill and CW )

I want my Bahama-bunnies to come home. Especially my porn rabbit. I wanna write poooooooooooooooooorn.
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And I should be asleep. But first, some things about the worlds of Heres Tanarill:

Her complete title is "Homeward Walker of the Outer Worlds."

Walkers do not choose where they go. They are fairly sure that they're sent, since they always end up where they need to be, but they have no idea who sends them.

If they want to spent the time and energy creating an OutWorld link, they can make a psychic connection with other Walkers. It's not easy, it's not fun, but if they need to know something fast there's no better solution than asking help from a near-infinite number of other Walkers.

The demon in her heart loves her. He Fell for her. Twice.

The angel in her mind is a bitch. She's justified, but she's still a bitch.

Walker are called Walkers because they walk. It's an integral part of how they do magic.

If absolutely necessary, and impossible for a Walker to fix a problem any other way, they can perform two of the Greater Unbindings: they can raise the Land (dangerous), and they can Unravel time (suicidal). They don't like to; it often causes more problems than it solves, and needless to say, it tends to piss very powerful beings off. But at least the problems it causes are manageable, whereas the problems that it solved were not.

They can actually see the underlying fabric of reality if it's under enough stress. It feels like an itch on the inside of their skulls, one of the reasons that they're so good about fixing it.

And finally, Heres Tanarill loves animals.


Feb. 11th, 2007 12:50 am
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I missed two days, and for some raisin this disturbs me mightily. The Denizens of the Hutch have been working like mad working things lately, and are currently Not Talking To Me; I think they're on vacation in the Bahamas. But I do need to write something before I get out of the habit. Therefore:

Demonology 101 )

Urgh. I feel kinda nauseous. And we don't have any more chicken soup.

It's Sunday, woo.
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Right. So. [livejournal.com profile] falsechaos, when I went to write out the ectoacne explanation, it got long fast. Therefore, I am pulling a Tav. It's written, but you do not get to see it till next week ;p. Along with the "Do contraceptives work for Danny" question . . . I just realized that three of the four essays for this week and next were requested/inspired by you. <3

In the land of what I'm putting up today, there are two things.

There Will be Gay Sex, But Not Today )

Freudian Trip )

I'm not sure if this really fits the prompt, but it was the first thing that popped ito my mind and I just HAD to write it. Hope you likes it!
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No, not me. I mean, yes, I chose to use it as my LJ name, but that was only because a google search for tanarill didn't turn up much. The name existed before the LJ, and it never applied to me.

It applied to a huge-ass family of government-syndicated manhunters.

That said, I can now reveal that my Walker's name is Heres Tanarill. Don't call her Heres; you aren't related to her, and you haven't earned that right in any other way.

Click here for an introduction )

I'm not going to lock myself in for tomorrow, because tomorrow=Saturday.

Mm, weekend.
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Okay, so continuing from yesterday. I listed all the things that plague my lovely little Walker-muse. Now I shall list what she's got going for her.


Pre-Walker skills, which she had in her home universe:
Unless she's making an effort, most psi powers bounce off of her. It's caused by a really rare recessive gene that her entire family has. (This is why they are the ones who have to hunt down and kill psi-Talents; they're the only ones the Talents can't effect.)
If someone does direct a psi-Talent at her, she can pinpoint the person who's doing it and bounce it where she wants it to go. She can bounce multiple sources at one target, and while she can only bounce additively (as opposed to Talents, who get exponentially stronger in groups), she can affect her family, and other otherwise-immune people.
If someone bounces something like empathy at her, she can use that Talent. In essence, she becomes an empath for a short time.

Walker skills, which she got from being a Walker or learned while Walking:
Once she enters a universe, she can set up a mind-link with the Walker database. Pretty much everything that all Walkers have ever learned is stored there, so if she doesn't know something immediately, a few hours of searching can usually turn up the answer.
She can make simulacra, physical bodies to use while she's in a universe. Simulacra, which aren't alive, can't die. They also don't age. They do need to eat and sleep in the early years, but a different Walker eventually figures out a way around that problem, and she learns to modify her simulacra to not need either. The same trick allows her to change the simulacra's physical attributes.
She doesn't need simulacra to survive, although obviously it's easier to do what the does if she's go a body to do it in.
She can break people's souls. She doesn't like doing this, since a big part of becoming a Walker is having one's soul broken, and making an enemy into an uber-powerful magic god is generally a Bad Idea.
She knows a lot of magic. This is a side effect both of passing through a lot of universes and of having the Walker mind-link. What it means is that she can generally find a type of magic not effected by any bindings she's placed under, and remove the bindings.
Any magic that bounces off of her is subject to the same rules as Talents. About three-quarter of all magic does. This means that, even though she's a good mage on her own, she can also channel a lot of other people's spells at one goal.
She can call down a goddess; that is, instead of allowing a goddess to ride her body while she becomes an avatar, she puts herself in the goddess' body and use the goddess as the avatar instead. There is a complicated Arrangement that details under what conditions she's allowed to do this.

Eska-powers, which belong to the sword:
It talks. In your head.
It thinks.
It chooses its own bearer.
It can use any senses that its bearer possesses, as well as some of its own.
If invited to, it can take over the bearer's body, making them into one kickass swordsman with no training whatsoever.
It knows magic, and can hide this fact. This is important when an enemy mage is expecting the magic attack to come from the Walker, and finds that it's come from the sword instead.
It has some level of prophetic power, but nobody knows how much, not even the sword itself.

See why she needed to have so many disads? Without them, she's be way overpowered. I still think she's way overpowered, but I don't want her to lose any of her ads. I might have sacrifice them anyway. Please tell me which skill, in your opinion, gives her the most power. That's the one that's going to either go away entirely or be much, much harder to do. None of the pre-Walker skills are going away, though.

Next up: Some form of backstory. Quite possibly the Talent/Hunter dichotomy of her home universe.
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Yes. I am. I'm currently working on constructing the character of my Walker. The problem with Walkers (all of them, not just mine) is that they are uber-gods of magic. To balance this, most of them have some fairly deep psychological issues that, theoretically, being a Walker helps to get rid of.

A list of her problems:
She's got a huge crush on her adopted brother's husband.
She (accidentally) got her best friend killed at age seven, and made this the basis of her personality.
She's a member of a nobility whose sole purpose for the last thousand years or so has been to hunt down and kill innocents (although, to be fair, they are innocents who go crazy and scoop ten-mile-wide craters out of the earth), and she doesn't really want to kill people.
She is being raped. Walkers don't live in their bodies, and time kind of breaks around them. Despite the fact that she has been outside of her body for nealy a hundred thousand years, she's going to arrive back two heartbeats after she left.
She has a demon living in her heart; this is not a metaphor. There is also an angel living in her mind, put there to counteract the demon. If she's not careful, it takes over her body and does stupid things like try to feed the hungry by giving them a good meal.
Emotionally, she is dependent on her sword-that-used-to-be-a-human. The sword is working on this.

. . . and I just realized that I've loaded this girl down with enough problems to top even RP!Dan. I was gonna ask for suggestions to help screw her up even more, but I should really give her some breaks.

Alright! Tomorrow: her uber-god-of-magic powers.
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A thing, because it is in my brain.

Title: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None

“Repeat after me: We do not break the space-time continuum.”
“We do not break the space-time continuum.”

I thought that, and needed to write it down. I know who says it, but not who she says it to or the situation in which it is said. That being said, my brain is a very weird place.