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Aug. 4th, 2011 08:51 am
tanarill: (Default)
Go Club tonight! It was super fun!

Okay, so Ted and David, who bring the boards and stones, are at the California Go Convention thingy. Since they were not there, we arranged last week to bring our own sets. There were five people there tonight, and four sets.

So after we got over that, we settled down to playing. Well, everyone but me settled down to playing, I watched. But anyway. Joel's Go set is miniature, with stones a little smaller than an M&M, and about the same shape. It led to awesome moments like this:

Chris2: [places a stone][captures a whole group] Feel the power of my tiny little stones!
Emily: [D:][:<]
Me: So you have small ones?
Chris2: Ye-wait a second!


Emily: I wonder if we could play on this board using M&Ms.
Me: Using two colors. [nods wisely] And eating all the others. And literally eating the prisoners.
Chris2: What if we used mini M&Ms?
All: O_o

We were also a lot chattier and less formal than usual. Chris2 made geek jokes, like when Chris1 told him no pressure, and he responded, 'only 760 torr.' And Monty Python quoting. And webcomic referencing. And such. It was awesome.

In other news, I finished my project at work. So tomorrow I will ask Dr. Dave for more things to do :D

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