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My TTW bunny made a brief appearance today, and left this behind. It's a piece of fluff, but since Lupae is not cooperating, I'll take what I can get.

I've decided that sometime after "And You're Normal," Jazz meets Lupae. Lupae's a bit upset at her, for reasons I can't tell. And Allen knows that there's something more than "my family hunts ghosts" up with Jazz and her family, but respects her right to privacy. Anyway, the Family learns that Jazz knows about Allen. But they've been around so long that they have contingencies for contingencies, so once they get over the fact that Jazz knows what Allen is (and Lupae) and doesn't care, they get her to sign a legally binding don't tell and leave her more-or-less alone. Although they do still want to know what's up with Masters . . .

So to distract them, Jazz sends them a Fenton Thermos full of ghost and tells them to leave her alone, if you'd please, and quit bugging her room. The Family goes into joygasms and decides to approve of Jazz and then Christmas of Crack 2 happens.

This happens a little later.

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Aheh. Yeah. I really wanna write some porn, but I think my porn rabbit is preggers. It's the only reason I can think of for her to be demanding such weird smut. Anyone know how to take care of pregnant plotbunny?
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Allen gets OOC, and I will eventually have to explain all of the science here. And revise like woah. On the other hand, I have successfully stolen this part of the Crack and now have free reign to make it my own. Booyah!

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So, I am apparently now the Crack Consultant. I shall use my awesome powers of knowing the most useless trivia ever to find scientific explanations for all of it! Which means that this week is going to be Tanarill Explains Her Alt!Crack Week. Tomorrow: What is a prion, and why you shouldn't be too worried about having them in your blood.
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Cold showers. Seriously. On my slowly-to-be-filled-in-maybe-but-not-really List of 52 and 1/2 things that I hate, cold showers are at least in the top 25. It's worse because it was a hot shower until my brother woke up and decided that showering without checking to see in someone else was already using the hot water is a good idea. I love that boy, but I hate him.

Anyway. I tried to write some Jazz/Al fanfic, but when it hit five pages with no sign of stopping, and every sign of becoming geeky beyond belief (who here wants to learn about prions? No, I didn't think so), I stopped and cut the only part that was really worth it. And so, here we have some funny stuff.

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And of course, it's even funnier because this happens a few months before the start of Crack 1, when Jazz's life gets infinitely weirder. Oh irony, you are as subtle as a two-by-four to the head.

Anyway, thingy. Enjoy :).

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