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And all is right with the world.

Hey anybody out there, I have time in the next two days. Thus, it is drabblefest time! Thus: fandom, character or pairing, and prompt. The prompt must be a kind of vegetable matter. Fruits count. Trees count. Rare and precious herbs count. Metamorphic rock does not count.

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So, Bernard showed up in my head and poked me mercilessly with a stick until I wrote this.

Title: The Butler's Apprentice (If He Gets It Right)
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG
Warning: Some language, and extra homolove.

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Now I'm wrestling with the Skullbird. Rags did that; isn't she awesome? He wants a full story. And who am I to disagree with the Lord of the Western Sun?

[bangs head against wall]
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But first, some helpful information about corporate reports. Someone puts a lot of time into making it difficult to write them. They must be formatted in this specific way, with these specific elements, in this specific order. I have to write one, and I'm about two pages in to the body of it. Already I am in pain.

In other news, Lucie-whose-cube-is-next-door, and the story of her ongoing Mouse Saga. It began several weeks ago when her computer spontaneously decided that her mouse was going to be a big white box, eighty pixels to a side. Try working with a mouse that size, and it soon becomes apparent that it Will Not Do. So she calls tech support, and the dudes in India cannot fix the problem. They send out an on-site dude to see if he can do any better. He can't, but determines that it is a hardware issue. Then he writes down the computer and specs and goes off to order things.

So yesterday, a different dude arrived. It turns out the the broken video card was an integrated card, meaning that he could not just reach around the back of the laptop and open the appropriate hatch and pull the old video card off to put a new one on. Oh, no. He took the laptop to (an impressively small number of) pieces, removed the motherboard whole, replaced it, put the computer back together, and rebooted it. I am most impressed with the astonishingly low number of screw (0) which he managed to lose or otherwise misplace. Also, of course, the memory cards. I have seen them before, of course, but I paid close attention of the basis of "I feel like expanding Equal's memory, and he's moving the physical component of memory around, so . . . " And everyone is right, it's easy snap-snap-together.

And the freaky square mouse of hujeness and dhoom was gone when he rebooted. It took him forty minutes, including the five-minute reboot cycle, to do the entire thing.

Also,I made Indian curry last night only I neglected to add half the salt and a lot of the spice, because MW does not like the spice so much. The result was very much sweeter than I am used to, and aromatic. I will have to try that again, with deliberateness. And also, naans. Because naans are good. MW kept eating it, so I think she liked it :D

Title: Simple/Splendid
Fandom: DCU, From This Day Forward 'verse
Rating: PG
Warnings: This will not make a bit of sense unless you read Jen's fic first. Also, slash romance and slightly slashy kiss.

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I read the employee handbook. Cover to cellophane cover. WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE AT WORK NINE HOURS A DAY. We are required to be at work eight and a half hours a day, of which we are entitled to a half-hour lunch break and two fifteen-minute coffee breaks per day. I don't drink coffee; therefore, I take hour lunches. I do eat a fruit as a metabolism booster every day, but I don't stop working while doing so.

Also, Mr. Boss Man, it is incredibly rude of you to schedule a meeting from four to five tomorrow because that was the last time I was going to get to see the Boy before he goes to Budapest. And now I can't. Just so you know, I'm giving you a Dagger Glare.

In other news, I see someone named [livejournal.com profile] nuavarion has friended me. Who are you? Have you been stalking my journal? And did you know that in return for a decloak post you get a free drabble?

Julia, respond to the damn email!

And a ficbit.

Title: [Insert Title Here]
Fandom: DCU
Rating: R. Very much so.
Warning: Implied gay sex. Look, the disclaimer said I'd warn you, and that you don't have to read it.

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Aug. 5th, 2008 07:33 pm
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Such as when, for example, your Intarwebz spontaneously stop working? Those are annoying.

And I missed two days. Waah. Not like anything occurred during those two days except I had some bad yogurt and was subsequently very Sick. Not really very fun at all . . .

Anyway. There are thoughts percolating in my brain, but I feel like kicking the bunnies into action. So. Further prompting: Give me a character/pairing and a verb. Go!

And a big happy welcome for all of you here from [livejournal.com profile] worlds_finest.

A Day

Jul. 30th, 2008 08:52 pm
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So I get in to work, and my computer will not start. I call India. Forty minutes later my computer decides to stop dicking around with me and starts, but I can't get to my email. Further calls to India. I regain access to email, and find that I have a number, including one from Big Sis. Yay!

Day remains more or less normal until noon, when my wireless card turns itself off. Well, okay, I told it to restart because getting a new IP usually fixes the low connectivity issue. But it turned itself off and then the comp froze, which meant a hard shut down, and the card was off when I turned it back on. And, because I am not my comp's sysadmin for some fucking stupid reason, I have to call India again.

I (or rather, some dude in India) make(s) my comp work again by two, and I spend a happy half-hour responding to a sudden flood of emails about the Thing on Friday. Apparently, people are morons and the first map of the campus isn't good enough, so more maps with the parking lots highlighted in right purple needed to be sent. I was planning on walking.

I left work at two-thirty to go see my dentist-cousin and get my teeth cleaned. Which I did, and was happily done by four. So then I hopped off to the Bloomfield Township Library, which it turns out has pretty much the entire run of Outsiders in trade paperback. I got those, because, Dick! I also got Impulse: Reckless Youth, because everybody loves Impulse. I mean, how can you not love a kid who solves the Riddler's riddle by looking under every porch until he finds the bomb?

And then I gave the Impulse book to JJ, because he loves Impulse too. (You mean there's someone less mature than the Flash?) Then took him out to eat because the parents went out for some not-with-kids time and I didn't feel like pizza-from-a-box and besides, I never take him out. We went to a Chinese buffet and ate too much.

And now I am back and waiting for someone to post scans from the latest Blue Beetle. Because I need by monthly dosage of Jaime Reyes awesome.

Title: Earning Wings
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Slash, slashity slash, gayness, allusions to gay sex, and people being cut up because of carelessness. And Lian.

And Reyes. I Could Not Resist. )

Also, Fail Blog. Because I had to share.

Amish Day

Jul. 2nd, 2008 10:44 pm
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We learned about Mennonites and Amish and the difference between the two. 'Twas interesting. Apparently the Amish are having trouble with acquiring good farmland for their children, which is not too surprising considering they double their population every twenty years. Other interesting facts include the way they get around their own restrictions, which are almost Jewish in their convolutedness. For example, nothing that serves no purpose may be hung on the wall of an Amish home, so paintings aren't allowed, but since calenders do have a purpose . . .

Also, they speak a Germanic dialect. I mean, really speak it. English is a second language, used for talking to "Englishmen," which is what they call non-Amish. But all the prayer books and the version of the Bible they use are in German, so they learn that along with English, starting in first grade. We asked about Yiddish, which is a German-Hebrew creole, and the tour guide said listening to it, it's about as close to their everyday dialect as German is. Spoken slowly, he could actually understand it. So there are more parallels with the black hatters (the incredibly orthodox orthodox Jews, with the sideburns, that you think of when you think of Jews) then I previously knew.

There was a life-size replica of the Mishkan, what those of you who don't speak the crazy demented language determined to make you swallow your own tongue that is Hebrew, would call the Tabernacle. I was actually quite impressed with how tacky the Judeo-Christian god seems to be. You don't have to plate the entire thing with gold and precious jewels for it to be impressive, and really silver does much more if your goal is beauty . . . And Dad did make a horrible joke, when we went into the Holy of Holies to see the (tackily gold spray-painted) Ark about how there was no theme music.

The tour guide was very impressed when my entire family started repeating the old prayers back to him in ancient Hebrew; this isn't hard, since my parents have been blessing me with that exact prayer every Friday night for as long as I can remember. He was shocked when I started chanting the Bible in Hebrew. (Here's a secret: The Torah reading I did for my Bat Mitzvah was the first seven days of existence.) They had some nice-smelling incense, which included both frankincense and myrrh. Interestingly, it smelled just like the stuff they were swinging around in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem; so traditional Catholic incense is the Real Deal.

Then we went shopping at an outlet mall. It bothers me that there are no sandals made entirely of leather. Either the soles or the strappy bits are suede, and since I tend to do things like drop my sandals in rivers . . . and oceans . . . And my old sandals are pretty much worn through, too. Le sigh.

Still being driven insane by not being able to find that story.

Tomorrow we shall visit a pretzel factory to learn how those are made and then hop on along to Allentown and go to science museum. Because we are (with the possible exception of MW) science-type people.

And now for a bit of crack, written for [livejournal.com profile] coldfiredragon's Cliche Ficathon.

Title: That's Normal
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: MPreg, kindof. Crack science. A complete and utter disregard for certain bits of canon, and also massively warped biology.

Pregnant Superman Under Here )

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