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Seminar yesterday was a researcher talking about his work on TRP channels (pronounced "trip"). These allow calcium (II) ions through membranes in response to certain signals. In neural cells, this sets of the depolarization wave that is how you think, so obviously is is very important.

The scientist was using fruit flies as a model, because messing with fruit fly genes is not ferociously unethical and gives a better idea of how these things work. They turn out to be involved in sensing, sending the signals to the brain that say, "there is green light" or "this thing is hot." It turns out that they are a two-part system. The first part responds to toxic things, tells the flies to avoid them, and does not ever change. The second part responds to non-toxic things, and can be changed. We think this is why poisonous things always taste bad but things like stinky cheese and natto can be delicacies.

The other thing is diseases that happen when TRP channels do not work. A lot of them are embryonic lethal - the animal dies very early in development. But some of them cause problems that Mom can take care of, so the baby is fine until they are born. This is the case with mucolipidosis type IV, a horrible disease which prevents lysosomes from working properly. They usually digest broken cell-bits, but when they cannot, the broken bits keep producing poison, eventually bursting the lysosome and killing the cell. Worse, the dead cell spreads the poison to all the cells next door, which also die and spread their poisons, and so on. So when people are born with this, their clock is ticking so quickly that they cannot even learn to speak, because they don't have enough of that type of brain cell left to learn when they get to that age.

So! As with many human proteins, there is a mouse analog which does the same thing and is related evolutionarily. We creepy sciency people found this analog and turned it off, thus successfully giving the mice mucolipidosis type IV. Then we began prodding at the mice to see what we can learn.

What we learned was thusly: you can only fully reverse the disease by turning the gene back on. But you can mostly reverse it by giving the mouse a few hundred phagocytes, which are cells that wander around looking for cells displaying "I am about to die!" signals and then eating them and degrading them. In the disease mice, of course, their phagocytes stop at the degrading them step like every other cell in their bodies, so it is no good using their cells. Phagocytes, though, are a type of white blood cell - meaning that giving the mice a simple white blood cell transfusion from a compatible mouse is able to significantly rescue them.

In people, this would be impractical, of course. The patient would need to have a constant supply of said cells, since mature white blood cells only live about nine hours. We have endless supplies of donor mice and we can quickly breed more, so it is not a problem for them; but finding a compatible human donor willing to be constantly having their blood sucked . . . However, you can give the sick mice a supply of donor bone marrow, which will produce enough healthy phagocytes to keep them healthy, at least for nine months. (After the nine months, the thing we did to kill all of the disease mouse's own bone marrow so it would accept the new marrow tends to kill the mice. Bummer.)

In humans, of course, the science of killing people's bone marrow and replacing it is well known and cures cancer. Now, apparently, it will also cure another deadly thing for which there is, otherwise, no effective cure.

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So, perhaps I ought to give an update.

When I my doctor, she had some suspicions, and so took blood. The results were Not Good: I'm anemic, and also, probably, bleeding internally.

Tomorrow will be vastly unpleasant, and afterwards there will be pictures of my insides. So hopefully I will know what is happening soon.

In unrelated news, my marrow-clone needs some white blood cells. Not more marrow, white blood cells. So once I'm not anemic anymore, I shall give her immune system a boost :D
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Check the Bone Marrow tag for the whole story.

Well, as my recipient is thriving and it has been over a year since the actual donation, the information release was (finally) allowed. I filled out my form and sent it back in November. Yesterday, I got the form from my recipient :3

So now I know the name, state, and zip code of my recipient, as well as one of her parent's names. They have not yet released much, probably out of a desire to keep their little girl from crazy bone marrow donors, so I will not repeat this online. It is okay. I filled out mine with much more contact info, so I hope to hear from them.

A weird thought I had on the subject: this girl is an exact blood match to me. Exact. Which means that a blood test would confuse the two of us. Why they'd be doing blood tests I do not know, but there you are.
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Confession: I donated bone marrow for the wrong reason. I mean, really the wrong reason entirely. I didn't do it to save a life. I did it to have saved a life, which is really a selfish motive and not at all as altruistic as everyone seems to think I am. But.

I was thinking today, about the difference between saving people and saving oneself, and then this thing came out of nowhere an smacked me over the head.

Ride Ten Thousand Days and Nights )

And I read that, and realized I believe it. If I look at why I did it, it was indeed a selfish motive. But the result remains the same. I don't have to be a nice person for the world at large to have been improved by my having lived. And it changed me too. Maybe the soul I saved was mine, after all.

Maybe I'm not as selfish a person as I thought I was.
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After a month of not knowing how my recipient was doing, the bone marrow people have finally contacted me to say that my recipient has not died, which she would have had the graft not been successful, and in fact is doing quite well. She has no infections. There is no sign of graft-vs-patient. She's on her way to being healthy.

For me, I think that's pretty much the most gratifying bit of news ever.

Ren Faire

Sep. 30th, 2007 10:16 pm
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So today, Rags and I went to the Renaissance Festival. We walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and sat down to watch my mother's cousin's husband play in his band, Equinox. But first things first.

I picked up Rags at her house. It is huge. I mean, nine people live there, so on a per-person basis there's probably about the same amount of room. There's a storehouse of food in the basement equivalent to the amount of food required to feed them all for one week, for when the war arrives. They also have their own server farm, and six (yes, six) computers, arranged in some kind of gamer-LAN-dream-heaven. Apparently, there's a sibling who takes apart the computers, mixes parts, and then puts them back in the box.

So we took off, and I was introduced to the realm of German-light-metal. Which rocks, especially as I can't actually understand what they are saying. It just sounds angry, and German, and the beats are nummy. Rags kept commenting on how nice my car is. I said yes, I know, I have a bass that could shake the street on high, and the only reason I could afford the car is because nice incentives were offered so people would lease the cars and then then could sell it as a preowned vehicle. Somehow, in a moving vehicle, listening to German-light-metal, she was able to study OChem. I call that impressive.

So, we arrived at the faire, spent an additional minutes getting from the parking lot to the entrance, and then we went straight in because free tickets=win. We plotted to go see Leslie-the-ticket-donator's show, and then took off. It took Rags about fifteen minutes to get into the RenFaire spirit, which is less time then it took me, and then we shopped.

RenFaire shopping is unlike any other form of shopping ever. For starters, just about everything is handmade, grossly overpriced, and yet it's the friendliest thing ever. So we shopped, and shopped, and shopped. Half the time you aren't even shopping to buy, you are shopping to find things you like so you can duplicate them on your own costume, if/when you make your own costume. But there's also just so much cool stuff you can buy.

We each got ten small cones of incense, which ought to make rooms smell nice, especially the one called "Sex on the Beach." Rages likes muskier, darker scents than I, and I tend to prefer spicier ones.

Rags bought a hairthing that kept falling out until she let me put her hair up, after which she had the cutest bun ever and said it felt wobbly and I said that's fine, it's not coming out (it wasn't).

I didn't buy a metal hairnet thing, even though I liked it, for the reason of expense. I am planning on making it my next-year-purchase, though.

We got to see someone making a glass dragon,using a glass rod and a blowtorch. We got to see other people making a glass mug, using an oven and tables and pliers and other esoteric glass-manipulating things. We saw some juggling, some magic, lots of cool costumes.

Then we got foods, which were soups in a breadbowl (broccoli cheese for me, chicken and wild rice for her, both pronounced delicious) and went to see Leslie's show. We saw my mother's cousin, who is Leslie's wife of about a week and the reason I know him, and there were bagpipes and fiddles and singings.

After about half an hour, we left that, and went to the chocolate tent. This huge tent was in celebration of the Sweet Endings chocolate theme, and ohmygods was there chocolate. Fudge free samples, and fudgy brownie samples, and trays and trays of chocolate. Rags bought brownies and tiramisu, I got a cream horn. Then we headed towards the exit.

By the time we got to the car, we were both thirsty, so it was a good thing there were waters. I had meant to bring them into the Faire, but we forgot =P Anyway, Rags wears cargo pants, and she kept making her ice tea vanish into some dimensional rift and then reappear later. I have decided I needs cargo pants.

The ride back was filled with more German-light-metal, and conversations, and she was a very good backseat navigator because I didn't get lost finding the way to her house from the opposite direction, despite the confusing intersections. Beats MW any day. And we made sure to get her CDs, and her brownies, and her textbook, and her water with her. So nothing was lost.

Then I came home, and Dad yelled at me for not buying fudge, to which I said, "Fudge is not on your diet." It isn't, and we all know that if there were fudge in the house he would eat it. So I was online for a bit, and then I went to say Yizcor for my Bubby, which is a service you say in memorial of dead relatives. Then I came home and took a nap. RenFaires are fun, but they are also lots of walking around on warmish days in crowded places, and very much exercise.
Now my legs feel pleasantly stretched.

I am happy because I do not have to get up early tomorrow and the main gist of tomorrow is "find out where all things needed are, clean car/room/laundry, send of bone marrow infos, get infos on recipient (I finally got a missive, and without any details the news is "good" so here's hoping) and do nothing much else. I might cook.

But for the moment, no worries. Mellow. Life is good.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 10:10 pm
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The final prayer of Yom Kippur is called Ne'ila (neh-eel-ah), meaning "gates." It is because as the sun sets, the gates of Heaven close and with them our chance to change our fate for the coming year. The idea is that on Yom Kippur god decides if you've been a good enough person in the past year to merit surviving the next. Kol Nidre marks the opening of the gates, Ne'ila the closing.

Then we did Havdala, which is the "going from holiday to normal day" ceremony. It's done at the end of every Shabbat also, and is actually a very nice little thing involving fire and spice. On Yom Kipur, it also involves glow wands and a half-hour singalong.

After Havdala we went to the family Breakfast, to break our fast. I ate too much, and found our that cousin Debbie is getting married to Leslie (who is male) tomorrow. They've been together for about a decade, and no one's really surprised, but they aren't having a big wedding because they don't want a big to-do. So I didn't know about it.

Leslie as also wearing a kilt. He had a sporran. This is because he's performs at the RenFaire. I mentioned that I loved RenFaires, and scored two free tickets. Because I'm related . . . I'm hoping this becomes a permanent thing. Yes!

The family is also full of people who didn't know or were very proud of me fore bone marrow -_- I'm telling you, it's not that big a deal!

I also got the contact info for a cousin of my mother's who is a molecular biologist, ie, does for a living what I want to do for a living. Score! Contact in the business. She's actually the chief American engineer for Nexium, the purple pill, had a Ph.D and an M.D. and rocks hard.

I have a great family.


So, apparently, being horny prompts me to write pr0nz. And writing pr0nz makes me horny. It's a horrible cycle. Well, horrible for me. I'm sure you like it, nai, seeing as you get more Haunted Past at no additional charge . . .

Title: Ring
Fandom: As if you don't already know. And no, I'm not making monies. Stop asking.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Noncon. Smut. Homosexuality. First time. Once again, I don't force people to read these, so if any of this squicks you, please go somewhere else.

what forges stronger chains than love ever could )


An, having seen Avatar S3 premier, I have this to say: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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Things I forgot to mention yesterday, as well as today:

The poke count stands at 11. It really only needed to be 10 except that even though I don't have much, my blood coagulates just fine and walking away for ten minutes to get a label for the blood tube doesn't stop the blood from coagulating. They need 2 cc to test my blood-iron-count. It's far too low, so they proscribed some iron pills and told me to eat more meat :D Yes, cows!

On the other hand, I seem to be going into huge energy burn. I mean huge. I'm burning fat like nobody's business, which makes my mouth taste terrible even if I don't sleep, and when I do sleep . . . :P nasty! Eating carbs helps cut down on the bad taste, but I don't think it's going to really stop until my marrow if fully replaced.

To recap: I slept from 8 to 10, 10 to 11, 11 to 2.30, 2.30 to 3.30, and 4 to 8 yesterday. Then I went to sleep at 10ish. And woke up at 10ish today. We went to get the Best Sushi Evar (TM), which i acquired from a tiny little strip-mall sushi-ya in Holland. It's spicy, it crunches, the wasabi cleared my sinuses and the ginger and tea helped my throat. We finished eating around 1.

I went back to sleep until 3.00. And now I'm kind of tired again. I think my body has caught on to the "I needs to heal up" thing just a bit.

My stomach also seems to have shrunk, given that I get nauseous and then bloaty if I eat about half of what I normally eat. I have two options, which are to work to keep my stomach small and shrunken, or eat like I normally do and allow my stomach to grow again. I'ma try and keep it small, because that plus the huge energy burn I seem to be going through might actually drop some pounds. I hope.

I get out of cooking foods this week. Yay.

I have a crick in my neck. And I want cuddles. Which I have a family willing to give, only it physically hurts to receive them. E-cuddles?
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A report of Things that Happened:

Last night, MW refused to get out of the house until 8.30, which means we didn't get to GR until almost 11. The guy at the hotel desk doesn't speak English and I had to explain that I had a prepaid reservation four times before he got it and gave me the room key. In the room, I dove into bed, pausing only once to strip.

This morning, we had to be at the hospital at 6 AM, which is to say I set the alarm for 5.20. And I got up and was dressed and ready to go in four minutes. It took MW half an hour to do the same thing, and we almost didn't make the hospital in time.

At the hospital, we waited in a room with four humans younger than four, which was painful. There was news on, and I discovered that the moon hadn't been covered in clouds, it had been being eaten by a wolf . . . I mean, there was a complete eclipse. Then my nurse came.

So I was weighed up again. I've gained two kilos since the 10th :< And I was bled again, that made it 8 pokes. Then I gave a urine sample, got out of my clothes and into the hospital gown (but at least it was actual fabric, not flimsy paper). Then they took me to the prep area, which was busy and full of people, and I met important people like the operating doctor and my anesthesiologist. I gave them the card I wrote for the recipient, then they put an IV. That was poke number 9.

I think for the first half hour it was just isotonic salt water. Then they stuck syringes in two of the massive number of connections. I remember asking what it was, and being told "chemical toys." I said that made me happy, because I'm chemistry major . . .

And then I woke up. Kinda.

By which I mean that I was aware enough to hear people talking around me, but I could not get my eyes open and forget talking. Still, my nurse was around and kept asking me things, to which I remember nodding my head. There's this 0-10 pain scale, 10 being tortured in the Spanish Inquisition. I couldn't talk, so to get it across we went through the: are you at 10? are you at 9?

By the time I could talk, it had settled from 6 down to 4.5, where I think I'ma be for the next few days. Then they took me out of the recovery room and into a regular room, got me hooked up to my blood feed, and I fell asleep. This was about 11, as indicated by a frustrating game of 20 Questions.

At about 2.30ish, I started to wake up, but it took me another hour to get up enough to pass the "walk ten feet" test. Then they took the IV out, I got dressed, and left.

We hit the hotel at around 4. I dove back int bed. MW let me sleep until 8, when she got me up because at that point I hadn't eaten for 20 hours and needed to get some food in me. But because I wasn't breathing during the operations, they had a tube down my throat breathing for me and my throat hurts. So soft foods.

We had (unspicy) Thai. Just because I need soft foods doesn't mean they have to be flavorless.

Now I'm in bed again. It doesn't hurt to stand, or lie down, or sit. It hurts to go from standing to sitting or lying down. Or walk. Or do anything, really. I'm taking nasty tasting things every 15 mins, which is keeping me not in screaming pain. Tomorrow, I'll only need them every hour.

Work Thursday. Urg.

So: I can has porn, please? Porn makes everything better.
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The Good: The temperature/humidity probe, which was not screwed to the wall but instead hung through the ceiling, works. Perfectly.

The Bad: The booth itself, which is supposed to be around 120C and 98-100% relative humidity, is instead around 150C and 6-7% relative humidity most of the time. When it's cycling, it drops to 140C and humidity rises to 50%. I think I've figured out why the booth isn't working.

Other Things:

1. The gas gage on my car works now. I have told the Jeep people this. If you have a Jeep or other large-bodied Chrysler saddlebag-fuel-tank truck, you will probably be able to take it into a dealer and get it to read properly soonish.

2. My BF and his family have taken off for Gettysburg, followed by Cape May in New Jersey. This makes me Sad.

3. It is Friday, whoo!

4. The parts for the Bloody Urea Testing arrived, only two weeks late! -_-

5. Can anyone explain to me what it is that guys see in boobs?

6. I have a sentence or so of Pendulum lurking around in my head. Nai and Emmy and lacha, I need you massive talents.

7. Yesterday, I suffered my seventh poke due to bone marrow Things. I'm counting now. I will write a Complaint to the Department if the number gets higher than 15*.

There may be other things, which I will add if/when they occur.

* For arm pokes into blood vessels. They will poke my bones about a hundred times during the operation, but I will be asleep for that.


Aug. 16th, 2007 02:30 pm
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I mean, I don't have much. Unlike lacha, who has oodles of it falling out her ears, I have almost none of this kind of power at all. But every so often, I will have a true dream. Of course, I don't often remember that I had the dream until it happens.

So I was talking to my coworker, and we were talking about the extra bit of software that we'd need if I didn't want to have to pull data off this probe* manually every three hours, and I said the words, "You know, we can mount it."

And then I stopped, because I'd just had one of those moments when I realize that I've had precog about this sometime ago. Normally it's not useful because that's it, but as it turns out there's more to this, involving breadbox-sized machinery on a cart and a rusty screw. (It's a corrosion lab, things rust.) So I'm waiting to see if it's now or later and involving more brake rotors.

In bad news, the bone marrow people want another couple vials of blood, apparently so they can see whether or not recipient tissue rejects it. You'd think they could have taken this last Friday . . .

*It measures heat. It can be screwed to the wall.

The Rules

Aug. 11th, 2007 08:16 pm
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0. Save lives. If a life is at stake, screw the rules to the wall and save the fucking life!

1. I am the lord thy god . . .


The reason I put this here is because one of the rules really far on down the list (past one hundred at least, and yes, there are more than three hundred) is, "Don't get buried without all of your body parts." In the Jewish way of things, Tradition has grown up that says that you aren't allowed to donate blood or marrow or even hair unless it's to a member of your family. Because, sympathetically, you and your family are apparently the same thing.

And the entire Orthodox sect of Judaism, which is most of them, don't. Ever. My father's entire family once had to get tested because a great-aunt of his would not accept marrow from someone who wasn't Jewish and family, even though there was a perfectly willing donor who matched her much better and she eventually died from complications.

...people? Rule 0! If a life is at stake, screw all the other rules, including the ones about not being allowed to donate to or accept from people outside of your family! I mean, that's just as bad as Hitler but in the opposite direction!

For reference, my morals.
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Let's back up.

Today, I woke up at 6.30 AM. This counts as sleeping in. I think it says something about me that sleeping in is until 6.30. However, I promptly fell back to sleep for the 2.5 hour drive to Grand Rapids.

When next I was conscious, with an aggregate sleep of about 9 hours, I was information'd up. They told me all about how it works what happens . . . I learned that the patient (ho is a 10-year-old) will be chemo'd and radio'd enough to kill all of her own bone marrow. Then they replace it with mine. If we were different blood types (a thing I do not know) she might finish her life a different blood type than the started it. I'm AB+, universal acceptor, so this is probably a good thing from the standpoint of someone who might need many blood transfusions.

Then we went to the hospital, where I was weighed (yup, still overweight), x-rayed, EKG'd, talked to a doctor, gave them some blood samples, and freaked them out with the fact that my urine sample was bright orange until I explained that it's just my period. Then a nice Indian doctor came and did regular doctory things, which tickled me extremely because I have sensitive skin, asked me some questions . . .

People kept asking if I was pregnant. I am on my period, and on BC pills :/

Next, I called sorority sister Gen, and we met up with minimal trouble. She led us to the local Olive Garden, where I had very nice portobello ravioli things, MW had the manicoti, annd Gen had a soup and salad. MW thought she was Awesome, and fun was had by all. Since the NBMR was picking up the tab for mine and MW's meals, we paid for Ger's, which is goo because Gen is always short on cash. I ate lots, because the very last thing on the itinerary was to go give some blood.

The idea behind the blood-giving is this: when they remove the bone marrow, there will still be blood in my body but not as many marrow cells around to replace it as it dies. Thus, they're going to remove the marrow but pump me full of my own blood, which will help and also jump-start the healing.

This did not go as planned. They pricked my finger, tested my iron levels (on the low side, another effect of my period), did all the paperwork, and put a needle in the arm they hadn't used at the hospital for drawing. It didn't work. Some blood went down the tube, and then it stopped. The tried to make it go again . . . but eventually, they ended pulling in out, putting another needle in my other arm (the same one they pricked at the hospital, but not the same vein), and drawing the blood from there. Everyone kept saying I have nice veins. I find this slightly creepy, in a vampiric way.

Then they gave me cookies and juice and had me sit down for a while to get used to the dizzy. I slept most of the way home too. Now, whenever I am vertical, I get a little dizzy. But I'm not actually tired, although that's what I feel like, so when I'm horizontal I'm fine. The doctors said to get lots of iron. This means I get to demand Beef :)

Dad says we're going to Shul tomorrow :/ I don't want to. I feel like I've done something worthy already, and they ought to let me rest.
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News of me being a bone marrow donor.

H'okay, so, Things are all worked out and MW and I are going to Grand Rapids on Friday. I will be reimbursed for the monies I would be making and the gas it takes to get there. As father is taking the Jeep in to see about that fuel system glitch and an annoying rattle the entire back bedplate has picked up, we are taking the Pacifica to GR. The Pacifica is huge and heavy and still gets fairly good gas mileage because once you get it above forty, it will keep rolling and rolling a rolling. It takes miles for that car to coast to a stop.

While I am in GR, I will have a complete physical (yay I no longer have to schedule one) and tested for Unpleasant Bugs, like HIV/AIDS and West Nile. Then I will have an information session, where I will be talked at and bored silly, but they are legally obligated to Let Me Know.

Afterward, before turning around and driving home, MW and I are going to hook up with Gen, my crazy sorority sis, who for some reason thinks it necessary to take 23 credits next term. 23!

Then we will return home in time for weekend!

Funny thing that happened: BF was over (I need to get him a netname, or find out what his SN is) and I was filling out the "are you healthy" questionnaire. I filled out an identical questionnaire a month ago when they asked for more blood samples to see if I was a donor, but anyway. He's sitting there being sweet and cuddly, and I keep reading these out loud and yelling across the house to MW for the ones I don't know. (Honestly, what the hell is a Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease?)

Questions 9, 9a, 9b, 10, and 11 were all about pregnancies, and the fact that I am not nor have ever been. The last one was "Do you plan on getting pregnant in the next six months?" and I could feel him freeze up. Because he is Shy and absolutely terrified of making a mistake. And my brother chooses that moment to walk in on us.

I thought it was funny, at any rate. They both turned beet red while I checked the "no" box and kept on filling out the questionnaire. Obviously, I am less squickable than either of them. I blame/thank Chat for this.

So the end deal is: I will probably be on Friday evening, but I cannot say for certain, and I should know in a week or so if I am in fact going to donate marrow.

Whee! :D
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And tell me to stop being Emo. It’s not helping. It never helps.

Much like turning into a snake . . .

Today at work, I retaught myself how to use AutoCAD. AutoCAD is, as far as I can tell, a program that was invented way back when computers were just getting good enough to show graphics. It’s basically a drafting program, made for 2D schematics. And it works really really well, for 2D schematics.

Then someone figured out that computers can also do 3D drawings, and to keep up, everyone else in the industry had to make programs that work in 3D. Some, like ProDesktop, did this very well.

AutoCAD did not.

And you’d think they learned from their mistakes and make the next release better than the previous, so that within a few release-generations it’s actually a halfway decent program. What they did instead was add more functions. The problem with this is that it doesn’t need more functions, just better ones.

It’s an insanely difficult program to use for anyone who has never taken a drafting class, and the thing is: our parents took drafting classes. In college. We? Took CAD classes. In high school.

I’m lucky. The first 3D modeling program I ever learned, way back in Intro to CAD, was AutoCAD course. Intermediate and advanced CAD courses used ProDesktop, with good reason. But, as I say, I’m lucky. I knew where to start, at least.

Then I spent two hours goofing off. I would have been doing work but for the fact that the lab laptop, on which I would have been doing said work, seems to have walked off. There really wasn’t anything else to be doing, as everyone but myself, the interns, and the lab tech had wandered off to a meeting in Warren (an hour away). We’ll probably find tomorrow that they took the lab laptop, because it is a laptop.

Also, an announcement: I am a bone marrow donor match. \o/ I will be donating to a 10-year-old girl at the end of August.

And Nai? CW is lurking in my head, but he’s still refusing to do anything without Enki in tow. >.> So we need to RP them some fluff, yes?