Jul. 3rd, 2013

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It rolled out v.22, and promptly broke my DW. I have whatever pic is in my virtual tokonoma set to be 275px wide and scale height to that. This is somehow now wider than the sidebar. I haven't changed any other settings, and it still displays as intended in Chrome, so logically is means Firefox actually changed the width, in pixels, of the internet. They need to fix it, so that my tokonoma can go back to looking great no matter which browser you happen to be using.

Also, the buttons look all weird.

No love. -_-
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So, do you guys remember that one time I gold plated my magnetic stir bar? Today, I managed to duplicate the feat . . . in silver. So obviously the next thing to do is do it again in bronze, and then I can have a full set.

Actually, it wasn't just the stir-bar. Today I was doing silver staining, which is what you do when you have so little protein that the standard blue dye won't work. The thing is, at the end you have a solution full of silver and a slow-release reducing agent. This causes the silver to plate itself out on basically anything involved, and it will continue to do so for a couple of days. So in addition to a silver-plated magnetic stir-bar, I have a silver-plated glass stirring rod, a silver-plated protein staining bath, and a silver-plated erlynmeyer flask. The glass ones are particularly interesting, because glass + silver coating = mirror. I can see my reflection in them.

I will try deplating everything on Friday. It will involve strong acid. I can't do it now because strong acid + organic solvent (like is in the staining solution) = explosion. I have to wait until all the silver exits solution, pour off the solution, and then try with the strong acid. Wish me luck :D

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