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Watch as I fall off the internet again.

Labmate S seems to have come to his senses, in that he is asking to send off plasmid in test tubes this Thursday. This would not have been possible had I not already done my magic, so logic-win for me. Still, MW and Panda make the point that I need assertiveness training. This proves to be a problem, since assertiveness training this term conflicts with my TAship. $$$ > training, because I need one of them to live.

In the meantime, it is no longer holiday. This is a good thing, as we'd had too many holidays. But they, and almost the entire first month of the Jewish year, is done. Now nothing until Khannukah, which is only really eve a thing because Christian advertisers wanted to show how not-anti-semitic they were. They just failed to do the research, so I don't think the message came out quite as they intended.

Tuesday was the day of flying home. First we stopped at Zieman's bakery to pick up the cake I had ordered . . . only there was no cake. Someone flubbed the order. They sold me some day-old but I was still so pissed.

Then I went to the airport, got on a plane, got to LAX, got off the plane, and called people to tell them I had arrived safely. While I was doing this, there was a call . . . to tell me my cake was ready. I chewed that moron out. Not like I won't make the attempt to buy one more such cake the next time I am in Detroit, but it is so frustrating. I told you to have it ready at 9:00 AM for a reason, and the reason was I was leaving the state.

Then I slept on the bus ride home, and did laundry, and went to sleep. That's the end of my wedding adventure.

Now I am wrestling with my prof's computer, which ought to be plug-and-play but isn't. Grr. I will get this worked out before the term is done though. I will.
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