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So that was Thursday. Friday, I visited with Great-Aunt E, and then went out to late-lunch/movie date with my <>Rags. We saw Pacific Rim (it still being in a theatre at that time). I think she did not enjoy it as much as I did :/. In the future I shall keep the MST3K to a minimum :x.

Then Rags drove me off to the house of Anne W, who was hosting the rest of my family and also having us and JJ's friend A and A's family over to dinner. I spent hours catching up with everyone, and making relentless Monty Python references, and breaking into song at the same time, and eating Meat. It was pretty great.

Then Panda drove me back to Great-Aunt E's house, for another exciting night of fun!! Just kidding, it was beastly hot there sleeping was not fun at all.

Flashback of the day complete! [imagine wavy fading-out-of-flashback effects here]

Today, I biked the whole two miles to school. It's mostly uphill, and I am mostly anemic, and as it turns out, this is not a great combination. I will have fabulous legs later, if the biking doesn't kill me.

Then I came home and watched a livestream of Some Like It Hot. It is not my kind of movie, but great if you are into that kind of movie. And now I am online. Whoo!

Date: 2013-09-21 07:48 am (UTC)
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You visited at exactly the wrong time! It's very nice up here now, 70F-ish during the day and low 60ies at night.

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