Aug. 7th, 2013 08:39 pm
tanarill: (Default)
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So yesterday my Aunt N called, and said that she happened to be on this side of the country and we should get together. I mean, I hadn't known about the this-side-of-the-country-ness, but I was wiling to do a thing; this is an Aunt I have not seen since April, after all.

We ate dinner together. She told me about her life, I told her about my life, and we made each other laugh a lot with amusing stories and bad puns. (If you suddenly move to Rome, does your cell phone get Roming charges?) It was nice, and also a first because I had never done anything with only Aunt N and not my cousins as well.

Now I am happy, and also full of sushi, and I am loved.
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