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I live in the campus Chemistry building, and I am friendly with some other people who also live in the Chem building. One of my friends, who we shall call Arizona for the purposes of this post, is a hugging friend. On days when he is feeling sad, or I am feeling sad, we will go find each other and demand hugs. Arizona will also do that thing that is like a backwards piggy back ride and is focused on spinal squeezing and which alleviates back pains.

Anyway. We were walking opposite directions down the hallway, and noticed each other. It would not have been difficult to change courses and avoid each other, but instead we just sort of walked into a hug. No actual words were spoken. Just hug, okay, back to lab.

Upon reflection, this makes me happy. Not just that I have good friends, but that I know my good friends well enough that we can just decide, completely nonverbally, to have a hug in the hallway.

My life is good.
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