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I went to see this movie! This movie was ridiculous and awesome in all of the right ways.

Okay, first of all, this movie is not: live action EVA, live action Gundam, live action Big O, or Godzilla in any incarnation. Check all preconceived notions at the door, please, and judge the film on its own merit.

Next, the plot of this movie is basically an excuse so that you can spend two hours watching giant robots and giant monsters beat the shit out of each other. Don't expect it to be anything more than what it is, or you will be disappointed. Don't expect the people in charge of this world to be doing the logical thing, ie, mining the portal-that-spits-out-giant-monsters with nukes. We want giant robot fights. We get giant robot fights.

With that said, someone did put some thought into how actually piloting a giant robot would work. Sitting in a chair with pedals and switches and levers makes no sense unless, as is the case with automobiles, the robot is not actually hominid. These are. You get people in a rig that uses their neural impulses and motions and copies them to the robot body. The reason you need two is never really adequately explained, but I don't care because soul bonds as a plot point. It did bother me that the pilots were even inside the robot they were piloting - if the command center can get realtime data on how the neurological pilot/pilot/robot connection is doing, they could just as easily had the pilots in the command center and avoided at least eighty percent of the in-universe pilot death angst. But other than that, seriously, guys, I want a rig like this for playing video games :D

Another thing I liked was that this was not a movie that went, "The world is in danger from alien invaders! Let's defend New York/Washington DC!" and then the day is saved *coughAvengerscough*. San Fransisco dies in the first ten minutes of the film, and three-quarters of it is set in Hong Kong. The female lead is from Japan, the supporting cast is from Australia, as far as we know the Reasonable Authority Figure is from England. Even the people who died for reasons of Worf Effect were Chinese and Russian. Basically, the people of Earth got together to beat up the evil aliens for once.

(I did have a problem with the biology. I mean, the whole thing has internally inconsistent physics and the square-cube law goes out the window in the first five minutes, but I am a biologist and so the thing that bothered me was bad biology. Wings don't work like that. pH doesn't work like that. Radiation doesn't work like that, except in the one scene that they got it right and it does.)

But for serious, if you suspend your disbelief and just look at the pretty, and the creepy, and the mindblowingly awesome bits (which were most of it), this is a great movie and you should go spend money encouraging people to make more movies like this.

TL;DR: If you liked Independence Day, Avengers, or even superhero cartoons as a child, you will enjoy this movie.

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I should write a review of this too, because I share alll your feelings! Yeah, I was doing a lot of internal handwaving during the SCIENCE! esp. when the Kaiju parts dealer was saying they pumped the carcass full of carbon dioxide to neutralize the acid. Isn't carbon dioxide an acid itself? Or, well, I know adding it to water makes the water more acid than it was.

Apparently both the 'scientists' were born in Germany, which I sort figured for the Mathy one, since there was definitely some German accent lurking under the hilarious stage English Boffin going on. But it's a neat parallel.

Sorry, that was an aside. I loved the Reasonable Authority Figure, Idris Elba needs to get cast as The Dude In Charge more often. He's like a million feet tall so he can be imposing with all the ridic ginormous hollywood actors, and he does AUTHORITY really well. "First, never touch me again. Second, never touch me again."

MAKO!!!!! Mako got all the main character development, it was so great! So gets the tragic past and revenge, she grows as a character, SHE gets the thing she's wanted since before the beginning of the movie!

Oh, I had the thought about nukes next to the Rift too, and I wonder if you could explain at least a little bit why they didn't do that by considering how much fallout you could expect per bomb X how many Kaiju came through. That had to be at least some of the reason right?

I mean, this is like the platonic ideal of a Stupid Summer Action Movie. Weird Science, perfectly choreographed fights with great cinematography, non-US centric plot and characters, and at no time during the movie do the characters make you want to hit them for being plot-stupid, misogynistic, or racist.
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Nice, I'll make an effort to be on in the evening. Uh, 8 for for me, 6 for you? Later?

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