Jul. 8th, 2013 08:16 pm
tanarill: (Science!)
[personal profile] tanarill
So I successfully deplated the silver. I no longer have a mirrored Erlynmeyer flask, boo. Also, I discovered why we hate silver staining so much: not that it is not functionally better than the blue, but that cleaning up after it is a pain in the ass.

Now I am trying to see if my bacteria that grow after induction are doing so by mutating, and also if media makes a difference. So there is that.

An unrelated thing that happened that I didn't mention on this blog because I had fallen off the planet: there was an earthquake. This happened about a month ago, but the point was I had never been in an earthquake so it was a new and interesting experience. Also not scary. I mean, if it were more violent (it was only a 4.7) I can see how it would be, but I literally went, 'grumble stupid earthquake waking me up grumble' and turned over to sleep for another hour or so. I kind of liked it, actually. Score for geology! :D
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